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The Block’s most explosive week ever: Cover-ups, sabotage and walkouts!

Scott Cam is not impressed with the antics of this year’s contestants.
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It’s a mass exodus on The Block, with a TV insider revealing not one, but three Blockheads storm off set within days of each other during the most drama-filled week yet!

Devoted mum Sarah-Jane is forced to flee the site and head home due to a family health emergency involving her and husband Tom’s 1-year-old daughter, Cleo, spills an insider.

WATCH: The Block’s Sarah Jane takes aim at Ankur and Sharon

“It’s a no-brainer for Sarah-Jane and Tom – family comes first,” says an on-set spy of the couple, who were sent into a spin when their little one had to be taken to hospital with a worryingly high fever.

“I don’t care if we don’t get this bathroom done, my daughter needs me, I’m going home,” says the reality star, who fearfully breaks down with worry as she ditches The Block for her baby.

“It was a tough couple of days for Sarah-Jane and Tom,” says an insider. “Thankfully, all was good and Cleo is OK.”

“Thankfully, all was good and Cleo is OK.” (Credit: Supplied)

Sarah-Jane, 30, isn’t the only one downing tools though.

Sources say an already-stressed-out Sharon hits absolute rock bottom after a firey bust-up with her builders and makes a desperate attempt to ditch the work site and its all-seeing eyes.

In an effort to get some time out from the relentless filming schedule, the 34-year-old is caught sabotaging the cameras and covering them up!

“They are clashing with the builders, slamming production behind the scenes, and complaining whenever they get a chance,” says a Nine insider. “Sharon slept off The Block [site] twice this week.”

An insider says Sharon and Ankur are “complaining whenever they get a chance.”” (Credit: Nine)

According to the source, the former Neighbours star and her husband Ankur go MIA, with producers forced to try and hunt the pair down. The on-set spy spills that this leads to an angry showdown between the couple and host Scotty Cam, who accuses the pair of failing to rise to the challenge.

New Idea understands this run-in prompts the pair to walk off the reality renovation show again, leaving their builders and producers scrambling – and their fellow competitors wondering if they’ll ever return.

Meanwhile, a romantic reunion between Omar and his wife Maz leads to a fracas between him and his best mate Oz.

“It was supposed to be a beautiful moment,” says a TV insider of Maz’s surprise visit to Gisborne.

When she arrived it was all smiles, but it soon turned.”

According to the source, the 30-year-old stormed out and things turned quite sour between the usually-close pair, as Oz was dismayed that his wife Jasmin hadn’t made the trip too.

There’s said to be an angry showdown between the couple and host Scotty Cam. (Credit: Nine)

“The next day Oz and Omar hardly spoke,” reveals a Nine insider. “Omar was disappointed in his reaction, and Maz left early as it was awkward. Oz thought it was a set-up.”

Oz admits, “I was emotional. To see my wife not come, it’s sad. I miss my family a lot.”

Omar, also 30, later concedes he understands his teammate’s distress.

“I could see exactly how that would have felt,” he says.

But Oz is keen to put the clash behind them and focus on the huge task that’s ahead of them.

“It is what it is, at the end of the day,” he comments. “Moving forward, mate – we’re on The Block.

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