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The Block’s Tom and Sarah-Jane overcome with emotion as their house sells for low profit

Some contestants were happier than others.
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The Block auction day is here and the results are in!

While Omar and Oz were over the moon with their $1,586,666.66 profit, others weren’t as happy.

Tom and Sarah-Jane were left emotional when they only received $20,000 profit on their house.
“I’m not even miserable. I’m gobsmacked,” Tom said.
“I didn’t expect to make a sh-tload of money, but I didn’t expect to come out at a
massive loss too. It’s the way the cookie crumbles. I can’t change it. Just go to roll with it.”

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Last month, the New Zealand version of The Block shocked viewers when the winner made just $4000 over reserve. Meanwhile, the runner-up he earned a tiny $76 and the other two homes didn’t sell, passed in under their reserve.

Upon hearing the dismal results, this year’s Australian Block line up were instantly concerned.

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“It’s terrifying!” House Two’s Rachel told TV WEEK. “It’s your biggest fear of the entire process realised.”

Her Block bestie Sarah-Jane agreed, adding: “When I heard about the New Zealand auctions and the very low to no cash made, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“That would be heartbreaking. We just have to hope buyers see the dreams we’ve all created and want to make them their reality,” she said at the time.

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Money aside, this season of The Block saw plenty of drama right from the get-go.

Just a few days into filming, contestants Joel Patfull and Elle Ferguson sensationally left the show, before being replaced by Rachel and Ryan.
But the influencer couple’s walkout was just the beginning of an explosive season.

In particular, we saw Ankur and Sharon in the centre of many feuds with host Scott Cam and their builders, with one of their tradies even quitting the show.

For now, The Block drama is over and it’s tool’s down until next year.

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