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The Bachelor’s Dasha “I put on 8kg in the house!”

The reality star dishes on her emotional eating

They appeared to have a great connection after their first single date, but after failing to form a deeper bond, Nick Cummins sent Dasha Gaivoronski home on The Bachelor.

But, Dasha admits that being on the show took a toll on her both mentally and physically. 

“Mentally I struggled a lot and I’m an emotional eater,” she tells New Idea. “And, as a result I gained 8 kilos in the house, which didn’t make me any happier.”

Since leaving the mansion Dasha has returned to her regular schedule and lost a whopping 10kg.

Here she tells us how she did it and why she is glad she left the mansion.

We are sorry to see you go. Did you see it coming?

I kind of sensed that I might be going that night. When I didn’t get the rose I felt relief and it was a massive weight off my chest. I wasn’t upset at all, for some reason. I think I was gradually losing my self along the experience.

You admitted that you put eight kilos on in the house, how did that affect your wellbeing?

I was like a big emotional mess by the end, so I was looking forward to going back to my normal life, taking care of my body and taking care of my mental state. Maybe that’s why I felt relieved leaving the show because it took me a couple of months to recover from that.

How did you go about losing that?

I was so self-conscious when I got home … but I just composed myself together and came up with a new workout program and I lost all my weight using that program. I have lost ten kilos [since leaving the mansion] which is great, and now I am pretty happy with life.

You clearly missed your son a lot, how did you cope being away from him?

I missed Leon so much because I deep down knew that Nick wasn’t someone I was going to end up with but I was still hanging on to those memories from my first date. I think I’m a strong woman but I lost my identity on the show because you are so isolated from the outside world, you aren’t being yourself, you don’t have any news coming in.

Are you dating anyone since leaving the show?

I am not seeing anyone at the moment. I have been really focused on my fitness stuff. I’ve always thought about doing my own fitness app and I have now partnered up with a company I have always wanted to work with.

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