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The cast of The Bachelorette 2021 has finally been revealed!

These are the lucky men and women vying for Brooke's heart.
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Our 2021 Bachelorette, Brooke Blurton, has always been confident and upfront in who she is.

WATCH BELOW: Jamie-Lee wants a second chance with Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette

While she may have surprised 2018 Bachelor Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins when she revealed she had dated women in the past, we were absolutely cheering at home.

And now, we can’t wait to see the 26-year-old turn the tables and hand out the roses – to both men and women – as she takes on the lead role on The Bachelorette.

“Being the Bachelorette, I get teary, I get emotional, I get goosebumps,” she said in a trailer for the new season. “Because I’m the first Indigenous, bisexual Bachelorette, the barriers that have been broken just by doing this, I think it’s huge.”

She went on to say that she’s just a “girl trying to fall in love”, adding that “it’s not about gender, it’s always about connection.

“A partner that is on the same team as me, that’s what I want. I just want to find my person,” Brooke said. But will she find “her person” among the men and women cast in this season of The Bachelorette

Keep reading to meet all the contestants from The Bachelorette 2021!

bachelorette 2021 konrad
Konrad. (Credit: Ten)

Konrad, 31

Konrad is a carpenter who describes himself as a hopeless romantic. He’s determined to find a relationship just like his parents’ and is willing to wait until he finds the perfect person to settle down with. Konrad is willing to go to the ends of the earth for the person he loves.

jamie lee bachelorette
Jamie-Lee. (Credit: Ten)

Jamie-Lee, 30

Jamie-Lee is a psychology student searching for her match. She first met Brooke on Nick Cummin’s season of The Bachelor Australia where they became fast friends. Now, she’s keen to see if they could be something more.

darvid bachelorette 2021
Darvid. (Credit: Ten)

Darvid, 27

Darvid isn’t one to mince his words and admits his blunt approach can often get him in trouble. A dream date for the landscaper would be a nice bottle of wine, Italian food and a whole lot of laughs.

holly bachelorette 2021
Holly. (Credit: Ten)

Holly, 27

Bubbly Holly is a marketing administrator by day, and an NRL cheerleader by night. She loves to dance, and makes sure everyone she meets feels comfortable. She’s confident that her goals and outlook on life aligns with Brooke’s.

bachelorette australia 2021 contestants
Here’s the full Bachelorette cast for 2021. (Credit: Ten)

Ryan, 29

Ryan is a charismatic, family-oriented plumber. He has been passionate about staying in shape ever since a knee reconstruction from an AFL injury put him on the bench. He describes himself as ‘caring, passionate, open-minded and fun.’

Taje, 23

Like Brooke, Taje is a youth worker who always follows her gut. While she’s looking for a partner, Taje would prefer to stay single than date someone where the connection is lacking.

Emily, 25

Vet receptionist Emily is an extroverted animal-lover. She’s proud of the life she’s created for herself and now is looking for the right person to share it with. Life of the party Emily will always ‘make time for a boogie no matter what.’

Beau, 34

Photographer Beau describes himself as being ‘happy, funny, fit, cheeky and driven.’ After his last relationship ended five years ago, the NSW native is ready to settle down.

Kurt, 29

Kurt is a sports mentor who likes to use his skills and passion for being active to help those less fortunate. He has never had a long term partner, and is worried that Brooke might see it as a red flag even though he’s ready to settle down.

Steve, 29

Steve is an easy-going podiatrist looking for someone to have a laugh with. He believes in putting positivity into everything you do and having a good time in the process. While he’s goofy and fun-loving, the business owner is no stranger to hard work.

Johann, 27

Johann is a positive, happy carpenter. Passionate about martial arts, he has competed around the world and is looking for an active and adventurous partner just like him. While he grew up in Australia, Johann was born in Italy and speaks fluent German.

Ritu, 25

Ritu is a career-focused romantic, searching for a partner to build her life with. Before she found her feet as a filmmaker, she studied law to support women who have experienced abuse. As a queer woman of colour who is passionate about mental health and trauma recovery, she believes that she is very similar to Brooke.

Matt, 31

Matt is a metal fabricator who is looking for a laid-back girl to spend his life with. Carefree and hardworking, he is always on the lookout for challenges that lead to personal growth.

Bec, 30

Bec is charity officer from Victoria. She’s passionate about mental health and being an inclusive ally. Determined to find love, she’ll settle anywhere across the globe for the right person.

Jess, 30

Software sales executive Jess is outgoing and passionate. She knows exactly what she wants and isn’t going to settle for anything less. As a self-confessed Drama Queen, she’s not afraid to break the rules.

Carissa, 30

Psychologist Carissa spends a lot of her time working with at-risk youth. In her spare time she loves being getting outside and going on adventures in nature.

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