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Bachelorette’s Angie and Carlin take a swipe at Timm during love holiday

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As The Bachelorette‘s Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt enjoy their first public holiday together since beginning their reality TV romance, the pair have taken an unnecessary swipe at Bachie ‘loser’ Timm Hanly

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Posting a smiling snap of himself and girlfriend to Instagram on Thursday, Carlin added the snide caption: “My best friend I haven’t friendzoned.”

Carlin’s dig comes after Angie left runner up Timm in tears after dumping him in the Bachelorette finale while simultaneously calling him her “soulmate”.

Carlin and Angie are enjoying a holiday in Vietnam together (Credit: Instagram )
angie carlin
Couples who train together, stay together? (Credit: Instagram )

During the Bachelorette finale, Angie left Timm, 27, heartbroken when she dumped him, despite claiming he was her “soulmate”.

Despite his savage dumping, Timm went on to console Angie as she sobbed while trying to explain her feelings – the galant loser even insisted that she accept a commitment ring as a gift. 

Timm was left heartbroken after Angie dumped in in the Bachelorette finale (Credit: Instagram )
angie carlin
Angie went on to choose Carlin as the winner (Credit: Instagram )

After he and Angie said goodbye, Timm broke down in tears and spoke to producers about how devastated he was.

“I was just waiting for the ‘but’. I could just see it in her eyes, there was a ‘but’ coming. I knew straight away when I looked at her…” he said at the time.

“That’s why you have your walls up, for that exact reason,” he added.

“[I’m] never talking about my feelings ever again…”

angie timm
Angie dumped Timm in the finale despite calling him her “soulmate” (Credit: Instagram )

Angie’s final choice of Carlin came as a shock for many Bachelorette fans as during the show, Angie had doubted Carlin’s intentions after his own brother admitted he was only there to “boost his acting career”.

However, now it seems that the tables have turned on the Bachelorette.

In exclusive screenshots obtained by New Idea from a group chat among former contestants of the show, a number of the boys appear to question Angie’s motives, claiming she only went on the show to boost her own celebrity profile.

“I have mutual friends with her and asked my mates and they said she’s nothing like what you see,” one wrote. “I’m sure he [Carlin] is [on there for love]. But she isn’t.”

“She only wants fame …,” another added.

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