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Is this picture PROOF Brittany wins The Bachelor?

The cat’s out the bag!

We know that tonight’s finale of The Bachelor is set to be the most ‘heart stopping finale ever’ and with preview footage of Nick Cummin’s eyeing up a lavish sparkler, a proposal is imminent.

Now frontrunner Brittany Hockley has posted a picture of herself in a wedding style dress, this could signal as proof she has won The Bachelor.

The Perth based beauty uploaded the picture to her Instagram account with the caption:

“Well, I came on this crazy adventure to hopefully find someone to share my crazy adventures with. In saying that, this has definitely been one of the hardest. I never thought I’d be standing here and feeling what I’m feeling, but seeing as though I am, I guess it’s time to put it all on the line. I’ve been searching for that special person for a long time now,” she wrote.


And fans were quick to point out that her dress had a wedding feel to it.

“That’s a wedding dress. They do get married,” wrote one eagle eyed fan.

“She’s in white, she wins for sure,” wrote another.

Fans have long had the theory that the one wearing the lighter dress in the finale is the winner.

Sophie is dressed in a caramel coloured dress, signifying that she will be placed as the runner up.


Last year, winner Laura Byrne was dressed in white, while runner up Elise Stacey was dressed in gold.

In 2016, winner Alex Nation was dressed in gold while runner up Nikki Gogan was dressed in white.

So, if we’re to go by this theory, it’s certain Brittany takes home Nick’s heart and most likely a ring tonight.

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