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Bachelor’s Brittany tells: I’m NOT in love with Nick

The show’s front-runner gets candid.

The Bachelor front-runner Brittany Hockley shares a lot in common with Nick, including being born in the same hospital, but says she’s not ready to use the big “L” word just yet.

“For me, it’s not easy to throw the word ‘love’ around, it’s also hard to get to that point when you know there are other people involved,”  she tells WHO.

“I know it’s happening, the feelings are really strong, I want to be with Nick – but I just feel like it would happen really quickly for us if it’s me at the end – so it’s just hard to cross that line when there are three other people left.

“I can see myself marrying someone like Nick. You can tell he’s a real family person; he will be a really good dad. The guy has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met. [Laughs] You know, you’d be able to pop the kids outside and be like, ‘Off you go!’ 

“He’s just a really genuine, caring guy so I can see myself falling for and marrying someone like Nick.”

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