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‘Doesn’t bother me’: Olivia Frazer’s OnlyFans confession after split with Jackson

Olivia and Jackson confirmed their split earlier this week.
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Olivia Frazer exposed more details about her and Jackson Lonie’s breakup in an Instagram Live video on Friday, revealing that their racy OnlyFans videos are still up online.

Despite splitting on Monday, the former couple – who made headlines when they first launched their respective OnlyFans accounts – have yet to remove the videos and pictures they shot together.

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Olivia confirmed the surprising detail on her Instagram, before insisting that she has no issue with future partners seeing the adults-only content she made with Jackson.

“Any future boyfriend of mine who is like ‘omg you were with a man before me’ [is] not the man for me. Doesn’t bother me,” she revealed.

Olivia has no plans to delete her raunchy content. (Credit: Instagram)

Olivia also confirmed that she doesn’t plan to delete her X-rated OnlyFans videos with Jackson, adding that she is “kind of living on OnlyFans” to make money at the moment.

Moments later fans spotted a very telling detail in the background; her and Jackson’s MAFS wedding photo propped up on Olivia’s bedside table.

When asked if things were “rocky” before her trip to the UK, Olivia quickly said “no” before making a sly dig at her ex.

“Well yeah he did make out with some chick in a seedy club in Melbourne, that wasn’t a great time but we moved on from that,” she quipped.

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She also denied rumours that he broke up with her, suggesting instead that the decision was mutual.

They MAFS stars announced they’d gone their separate ways on Monday in a joint Instagram post, where they said no one was to “blame”.

Olivia then confessed that she initially wanted to wait “weeks and weeks” to announce her and Jackson’s split as she didn’t want to make the news public while she was so sad.

According to her, Jackson was “so obliging” but the pair decided against waiting as they both have holidays with friends planned and didn’t want to be put in any “compromising positions”.

Olivia and Jackson confirmed their split on Monday. (Credit: Nine)

She hinted at the cheating scandal again and said she wouldn’t want pictures to emerge online and cause more drama for her and Jackson.

Earlier in the Live, Olivia confirmed she had no issue with Daniel Holmes announcing his split from Carolina Santos the same day that she and Jackson announced their breakup.

When fans commented that she “looked like she’d been crying”, Olivia revealed she hasn’t been sleeping well “without Jack” though they’re still living together.

“I’m trying to get out,” she said of the home they leased together, adding that she plans to “couch surf with some friends” until she can get a rental.

The pair met on the latest season of Married At First Sight. (Credit: Nine)

She also revealed she’s getting a puppy, a French bulldog named Stella who will be her “sassy sidekick” while she goes through the breakup.

“I’m really going to need something that’s going to drive me out of the darkness,” she told followers, saying Stella will help her cope with depression over the split.

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