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How SAS star Millie Boyle’s relationship with her NRL beau started with a scandal

But it ended in happily ever after.
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NRLW player Millie Boyle is currently tearing it up on the SAS Australia course, approaching each challenge with complete fearlessness.

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Describing herself as “quite competitive”, we’re thinking Millie will go far on the third season of the show.

And it seems Australia agrees, with Millie currently sitting second on the Sportsbet ladder as most likely to pass selection – with odds at 1.40.

She’s strong, she’s tough, and she’s been through a lot when it comes to her family, as well as her boyfriend, fellow NRL player Adam Elliott.

Millie playing for the Wallaroos in 2019. (Credit: Getty)

Adam and Millie have been loved-up for a few months now, managing a long-distance relationship while he plays for Canberra, and she plays for Brisbane.

Despite this, the first time they were seen together in public, things erupted into scandal.

Millie and Adam were caught kissing in the male bathroom of a Gold Coast restaurant, an event which culminated in Adam being asked to leave.

She was quick to defend what was soon being referred to as a “tryst”, saying the pair had only kissed, were both single and had been friends for a long time.

Millie attending the 2021 Dally M Awards. (Credit: Getty)

However, this wasn’t Adam’s first scandal.

The former Canterbury player was a part of the team’s Mad Monday celebrations in 2018, which saw him and fellow teammate, Asipeli Fine, charged with wilful and obscene exposure.

The pair pleaded guilty, and received a two-year good behaviour bond. However, Canterbury fined them both $25,000, with $10,000 suspended.

Adam expressed regret over the incident, saying in the aftermath that “there were certainly periods where I felt like bunkering down, not walking outside my house even”.

“I want to leave a legacy of being Adam Elliott, the rugby league player that brought everything onto the field for the Bulldogs,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“That I played as passionately as I could and made as much of an impact as I could in the limelight for autism and charities connected to that.

“That’s the legacy I want to leave. That’s what I want to do from now on.”

Millie in Adam in one of their first public pictures together. (Credit: Instagram)

But in 2021, scandal would strike once more.

In February, Adam was caught kissing Kara Childerhouse, the fiancée of his teammate, Michael Lichaa.

This led to a situation that later saw Lichaa charged with common assault, destroying or damaging property, and stalking/intimidation causing fear of physical harm.

The case is being heard in the magistrate’s court and resumes in March 2022. However, Michael and Adam appear to have ended their feud.

“Winning everyday with this one.” (Credit: Instagram)

The incident involving Millie on the Gold Coast proved one too many for Adam, who had his contract with Canterbury cancelled in the following weeks.

Millie leapt to his defence at the time.

“Look, all we did was have a kiss in the bathroom. It’s been taken way out of context. It’s a big kerfuffle about nothing,” Millie said at the time.

She also took to Instagram in the wake of the incident to describe the emotional toll it had taken on her.

Millie shared this photo of herself with family as she explained the emotional toll of the ‘scandal’. (Credit: Instagram)

“Hi everyone, thank you for your messages this week,” she wrote.

“A lot have been really supportive, which I’m very grateful for – however a lot have been disgusting,” she continued.

“Truth be told I have never been sadder in my life than I have been this week. 

“I’m sorry if I have disappointed or upset anyone this week, but I have tried to own things as best I can and get on with it. I told the truth straight away.”

“Lost a milli, gained a Millie.” (Credit: Instagram)

However, it was only a few months later that the pair made things official on Instagram.

Millie shared a picture of herself and Adam to her feed in October 2021, both grinning widely.

“Lost a milli, gained a Millie,” she captioned it, referencing Adam’s torn-up contract.

Adam soon shared his own loved-up snap of the pair as they attended the races together.

“Can’t pick a winner at Flemington but winning everyday with this one,” he wrote.

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The pair have remained loved-up ever since, often sharing photos of each other across socials.

“I’m normally private with this sort of stuff… But we are together,” Millie told the Daily Telegraph.

“I explained at the time we were both single and mates from a long time ago.

“Adam is now playing in Canberra, and I’ll be in Brisbane. We’ll see how we go from a long distance.

“Hopefully Covid allows us to catch up. I’ll watch some of his games and he can come and watch mine,” she said.

Most recently, Millie shared a photo of her whole family at her first game for the 2022 season, with Adam in amongst them.

“Stoked to be back playing footy!! Best part is having the fam there 🧡🐎,” she shared.

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