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New Bachelor Matt Agnew has a smelly secret

The star of The Bachelor Australia has some strange interests
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Every newborn reality TV star has something stinky in their closet, waiting to come back and embarrass them once they hit the big time. In the case of the latest star of The Bachelor Australia, Matt Agnew, it’s a rather exotic smell indeed.

Matt, whose role on the upcoming show was first revealed by New Idea yesterday, once promoted the benefits of sniffing out ‘alien farts’ as a part humanity’s endless search for life in space.


‘Did you know that one of the ways we intend to detect life from outside the solar system is looking for signs of alien farts?’ he says in this promotional video for the City of Melbourne.

The seemingly bizarre statement actually relates to looking for signs of methane in the atmospheres of alien planets – a sure sign that living creatures are doing what most living creatures do with regularity – pass gas.


But whatever the astrophysicist may find in the far reaches of space as part of his studies, nothing will prepare him for the bizarre reality of following the footsteps of Mick ‘Honeybadger’ Cummins to become Australia’s next Bachelor. Even if he does have a very interesting connection to another reality franchise, Survivor Australia

‘It may be an unorthodox way to meet someone but I think it’ll be a sensational experience,’ he says – describing his ideal mate as ‘a genuine woman who enjoys having a laugh and doesn’t take herself too seriously.’

Let’s hope for her sake that she has a thing for fart jokes.

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