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The huge career move MasterChef’s Daniel is cooking up next

And who he thinks will win…
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As the final ‘fan’ remaining in the top three on MasterChef Australia, Daniel came much further in the competition than he thought he would. 

Watch Below: Daniel is eliminated from MasterChef 2022

It was only during the pressure test in the final four when he seriously started considering that he could go all the way and win. 

“I was like wow, I’ve only got one more challenge to get through and I’m in the final. I was kind of like how did I get so close? Can I keep going?” Daniel explained. 

But after getting eliminated on Monday night during the daunting service challenge, the series’ last-standing fan is looking ahead.

Daniel and Shannon Bennett
Daniel and Shannon Bennett in the kitchen (Credit: Ten)

Speaking with New Idea, Daniel shared his future plans after a well-deserved break. 

“I’ve had this crazy dream, I’d love to do a cooking, outdoor, camping-esque show” explained Daniel. 

“What I love the most is going to places and learning from people that know their niche and know their produce… Going to the source and learning from the people, that sounds really cool.”

“I’ve really been introduced to native ingredients” Daniel explained, “and I’ve found the direction I want to head in and it’s really exciting.”

Daniel Lamble
Daniel Lamble (Credit: Ten)

Looking back at his time in the competition, fireman Daniel acknowledges the many support systems he has back home. 

“My family and my partner are obviously huge supporters” explained Daniel, “but I’ve got two other communities who have been pushing me massively.” 

The support Daniel received from his rugby club and the fire and rescue service was unexpected, he admits, but “so bloody cool.”

“I did not expect the rally behind me from the fire-ies, it’s incredible.”

Billie and Sarah
Final Two: Billie and Sarah (Credit: Ten)

Daniel’s support from friends and loved ones is why the challenge to cook for family was one of his favourite moments throughout the competition.

“Having the chance to cook MasterChef food for our loved ones… it is incredible.”

Reminiscing on the challenge, Daniel explained that he had reached a point in the show that was repetitive, “you were just so tired and you are just constantly under the pump” but that cooking for loved ones was “the morale booster we all needed.”

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Whilst only just getting sent home from the competition, Daniel is ready to jump back in, explaining that he would “hands down” compete on MasterChef again if given the chance. 

“I need a few weeks off to relax” laughs Daniel, but “the opportunities… the experience, it’s incredible.”

“As stressful as it is, and as tough as it is… it’s such a cool feeling.”

“Being pushed is something that we don’t talk about enough… it’s such an amazing feeling seeing what you can do under these circumstances.”

Billie is a favourite to win Masterchef 2022 (Credit: Ten)

Daniel was quick to look back on his squid dish in Tasmania as an example: “I don’t know how I did that in twenty minutes but I did… how the bloody hell did that happen?” 

When asked the million-dollar question, who will win tonight’s MasterChef finale, Daniel acknowledged the skill and creativity of both Sarah and Billie but explained that “if I was a betting man I would put my money on Billie.”

“She is so damn talented and good at what she does, but she is so humble and she puts in so much work.” 

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