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Why MasterChef Australia’s Harry Tomlinson is one to watch

She has all season to prove herself to the judges.
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After winning one of three Immunity Pins this season, Harry Tomlinson’s goal of taking out the coveted MasterChef Australia trophy may very well come to be.

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She wowed the judges with a delectable dish of burnt cabbage, and Harry’s long-standing love and passion for food were clear as day.

Growing up as the youngest of three children with two older brothers, Harry’s connection to food started after she took over the kitchen to create warm family dinners as a teenager.

The aspiring chef has a dream of one day becoming a food writer and has been working in the hospitality industry since she was 16-years-old and moved to London at the age of 19.

masterchef harry
Harry is competing as one of the fans this season. (Credit: Ten)

Since returning home to Melbourne, Harry now works at Proud Mary Coffee and considers herself to be driven, creative and intuitive.

Her signature dish on a warm Saturday evening might include veal cotoletta with herb oil, burnt cabbage with tarragon cream and parmigiano, and pickled fennel.

Her food idols include Fergus Henderson, Samin Nosrat, Rick Stein and Annie Smithers, and interestingly lists one of her favourite ingredients as the often-declined offal.

She loves to cook using fresh oysters, vine-ripened tomatoes and lashings of parmigiano, and describes her style of cooking as homely, but with refined flavours.

masterchef 2022
She’ll have to do all that she can to stand out from this talented group. (Credit: Ten)

With a passion for food and a gut for taste and flavours, Harry trusts her intuition in the kitchen and will be one to watch in mystery box cooks.

When she’s not cooking, Harry enjoys painting, still life for when she wants to practice her technique and crazy big abstract pieces when she’s feeling inspired.

She also loves going on long hikes for several days at a time, and in a Q&A interview with The Latch, Harry said she also enjoys “dinner parties with all my friends”.

Describing her nature as “happy”, “open” and “determined”, Harry also said that she “likes to make people laugh”, “makes friends with everyone” and that she’s “a total dag”.

masterchef harry
Harry has the bookies convinced she’ll go all the way. (Credit: Instagram)

Putting her years of experience to the ultimate test, Harry is now ready to take on both the Fans and the Favourites in the MasterChef kitchen.

Her impressive start in the competition has already seen her name listed high in the ranks on Sportsbet, with her odds of being the last one standing in the competition at $2.50.

Whether she can keep up the momentum and make it all the way until the very end – or even take out the win – is still up in the air.

MasterChef Australia airs at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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