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Masked Singer Australia winner LEAKED!

Who will be the final celebrity to be unmasked?
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The Masked Singer has returned for its fourth season and predictions for the winner are rife among fans.

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This year’s judging panel saw Dave ‘Hughsey’ Hughes returning for yet another season, alongside Spice Girls star Mel B, television presenter Chrissie Swan and radio presenter Abbie Chatfield.

The Masked Singer has also shown us some pretty elaborate costumes this season, including Zombie, an undead air hostess, and a Blowfly who, strangely, also seems to double as a pizza delivery person.

Mirrorballs odds are currently placed at $1.20. (Credit: Network 10)

But we might know which of the masks will be crowned the winner, given a quick look at the well-known betting website Sportsbet.

Odds for the outright winner have Mirrorball placed as the fan favourite with odds currently placed at $1.20.

But who is under the mask?

As well as listing the odds for who might take out the crown in the upcoming finale, Sportstbet has also offered up their odds on who might be beneath the remaining masks.

Snapdragon is widely believed to be Sheldon Riley. (Credit: Network 10)

Our predicted winner, Mirrorball, is widely thought to be Melody Thornton, who has odds sitting at $1.25. A former member of The Pussycat Dolls, Melody’s voice matches well to the high-pitched and melodious voice of Mirrorball.

However, she’s not the only guess – she’s followed on the Sportsbet ladder by Samantha Jade, Chloe Lattanzi, and Dannii Minogue, who are paying $8.50, $10, and $13 respectively.

Odds are also in place for the other two remaining masks: Rooster and Snapdragon.

Snapdragon is widely believed to be Sheldon Riley, who has odds at $1.12.

Who is the celebrity behind the Rooster? (Credit: Network 10)

He’s also speculated to possibly be Australia’s famous drag queen, Courtney Act, or Australian Idol alumnus Anthony Callea.

Meanwhile, the best guess for Rooster seems to be Hugh Sheridan, paying $1.20.

Strangely, Hugh is followed on the list by Paul Kelly, with odds at $8.50. While these two performers are wildly different, it just goes to show how surprising the reveals on the show can be.

Sportsbet is usually a pretty reliable source when it comes to guessing these things, with a track record of accurately predicting the winner of shows like The Bachelor, Survivor and I’m A Celebrity.

And we have no reason to think The Masked Singer will be any different!

This article first appeared on our sister site, WHO.

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