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All the unmasked celebrities on The Masked Singer 2021

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The Masked Singer 2021 is back and not a moment too soon. Oh, how we have missed watching a bunch of slightly terrifying masked characters sing their heart out on stage while the nation desperately tries to guess who is performing the chaotic karaoke.

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And this year, The Masked Singer may be more chaotic than ever (if the costumes and clues are anything to go by).

After each performance, judges Dannii Minogue, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Urzilla Carlson and Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes take it in turns guessing just who is lurking inside the costume. 

One by one, the characters are unmasked and the celebrities are revealed until only one is left standing.

We’ve compiled all the booted celebrities below. Let’s see if your guesses were right.

The Volcano has been revealed. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Volcano | Vinnie Jones

The first character to be unmasked was Volcano, who performed an explosive cover of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers.

Despite Dannii guessing Sacha Baron Cohen, Hughesy suggesting Christian Bale, Urzila taking a stab at Billy Bob Thornton and Jackie O guessing Anthony Mundine, the judges were all incorrect on this one.

The Volcano was English-Welsh actor and former professional footballer, Vinnie Jones. He played for Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers.

As far as his acting career goes, Vinnie has had roles in Snatch, Gone in 60 Seconds, X-Men: The Last Stand, She’s The Man and more.

The Duster’s reveal swept the audience away. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Duster | George Calombaris

The second character to be unmasked was Duster.

After getting jiggy to Duster’s cover of Shake Your Tail by Ray Charles, Dannii guessed that cricketer Shane Warne was hiding under the costume. Hughesy guessed Michael Clarke, Jackie put her bets on English chef Gordon Ramsey and Urzila suggested Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

None, however, hit the nail on the head as former MasterChef judge George Calombaris took off his mask. 

George documented the experience on his Instagram, explaining that the show “pushed (him) out of (his) comfort zone” but he wanted to do it for his kids.

Twitter called it! (Credit: Channel Ten)

Professor | Ben Lee

The third character to be unmasked was Catch My Disease singer Ben Lee.

After Professor blew viewers away with a performance of Seal’s Kiss from a Rose, the judges each had a different guess as the who the incognito celeb was: Simon Baker, David Attenborough, Zac Hanson, and Jimmy Rees.

In the end, it looks like only the viewers at home guessed correctly.

Following his unmasking, Ben took to Twitter to share a clip of the moment he was revealed along with a very simple caption: “Yeah it was me lol.”

None of the judges guessed this. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Piñata | Lote Tuqiri

After a smashing performance of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, Piñata had the judges stumped.

Jackie O was leaning towards former rugby league player, Beau Ryan, and Dannii Minogue took a guess at NZ actor, Sam Neill. Meanwhile, Hughesy was certain the masked celeb was Tesla creator, Elon Musk, and Urzila was adamant it was Fifty Shades of Grey, actor Jamie Dorman. 

But none of the judges were able to do a victory dance, as Piñata was unmasked to reveal former professional dual-code rugby footballer, Lote Tuqiri.
Reflecting on the experience on his Instagram, Lote wrote: “So nerve wracking to just get on that stage and don’t mention the choreography to go along with learning the lines to the songs I did sing 🎤. Thanks to the great crew who looked after and tried to conceal a massive 7-8ft Piñata.”
Her performance sure was sweet. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Pavlova | Mahalia Barnes

Despite performing a stunning rendition of Andra Day’s Rise Up, Pavlova was chosen to be unmasked.

Before the celeb was revealed, Jackie O guessed it was American singer JoJo, Hughesy suggested British actress Naomi Watts, Urzila was adamant it was NZ actress Lucy Lawless, and Dannii was sure it was Australian singer-songwriter Gabriella Cilmi.

In the end, no one was right as Australian singer-songwriter Mahalia Barnes was unmasked – daughter of Aussie rocker Jimmy Barnes.

Reflecting on her experience on Instagram, Mahalia wrote: “Well that was a hilarious journey!! Thanks @themaskedsingerau for having me. I loved being the pavlova!! Definitely one of the wackiest things I’ve ever done. Hope it brought you all a bit of a smile. These clue writers are amazing, so tough… I’m really enjoying trying to figure out who everyone else is!”

None was more shocked than Jackie O when Kyle appeared from under the Rubble costume. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Rubble from Paw Patrol | Kyle Sandilands

While Twitter guessed the shock-jock’s voice the minute he started singing Train’s Drops of Jupiter, the judging panel had a harder time guessing who was under the Rubble mask. 

When KIIS FM’s Kyle Sandilands took his mask off, none were more surprised than his radio co-host Jackie O. 

“WHAT THE ACTUAL F, KYLE! 😱🤩,” read a post shared to the official Kyle and Jackie O Instagram account.

Atlantis was I Try singer, Macy Gray. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Atlantis | Macy Gray 

Despite previously guessing that Atlantis was American R&B and soul musician Macy Gray, Urzila Carlson switched up her prediction this week – meaning none of the judges correctly guessed the masked celeb.

After wowing the crowd with a performance of Elle King’s Ex’s and Oh’s, Macy revealed her identity – much to the shock of the panel.

The official Masked Singer Instagram shared a post thanking the international superstar for making an appearance on the show. 

“Thank you so much, Macy Gray! We loved SEAING you as Atlantis and you sure MERMAID our night tonight. 🌊.”

Fans were on to this one. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Lightning | Alli Simpson

First it was her brother Cody Simpson who took the Masked Singer stage; now singer, model and actress Alli Simpson has followed in his footsteps.

Despite the judges guessing it was American dancer Maddie Ziegler, Aussie musician Tones and I, Gogglebox and Bachie alum Angie Kent, or former athlete Sally Pearson under the mask, viewers at home cottoned on to the fact it was Alli in the costume.

“Hell yeah!! you guessed it.. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️,” the singer wrote on Instagram after her reveal. “YA GIRL IS LIGHTNING on #TheMaskedSingerAU.”

“What an absolutely surreal & incredible few weeks of my life.. becoming lightning was super empowering for me – especially being the young girl that could not sing infront of anyone without crying of nerves first 🤣🙌🏼 stepping out of my comfort zone felt unreal and I had the absolute time of my life .” ⁣

Dannii Minogue correctly guessed it was Ella under the Baby mask. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Baby | Ella Hooper

There was nothing but love for Baby last night after she sang her heart out to the Backstreet Boys’ As Long As You Love Me.

The judges each had different ideas as to who was lurking under the mask, including Tones and I, Lauren Conrad and Ruby Rose, but only Dannii Minogue correctly guessed it was Killing Heidi’s Ella Hooper.

Reflecting on her experience via Instagram, Ella wrote: “What an absolute trip! Had a ball being this big beautiful bundle of back-breaking prop and animatronics! Fun as hell being on this season’s @themaskedsingerau with the likes of Ben Lee, Macy Gray and Vinnie Jones. (what is life?!).”

The Kebab was Jack Vidgen after all! (Credit: Channel Ten)

Kebab | Jack Vidgen

After bringing the house down with their rendition of Lizzo’s Juice, Kebab had all the judges stumped – except for Jackie O who has been adamant of the celebrity’s identity from week one. Meanwhile, the other panelists took guesses at Connie Mitchell, John Travolta, and Courtney Act.

When Jack Vidgen took off his mask, Danni – whom was a judge during his stint on Australia’s Got Talent and has been assuring Jackie O that there’s no way he could be lurking under the costume – left the stage in embarrassment, a book covering her face.

Jack took to Twitter to reflect on the experience, penning: “Okay so you basically ALL guessed it! I’M KEBAB on @maskedsinger_au 💓.”

Mullet had a lot of people stumped. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Mullet | Axle Whitehead

Perhaps the most mysterious Masked Singer character of this season was second runner-up, Mullet. The judges and viewers at home could not reach a consensus.

In the end, only Jackie O guessed it was Aussie actor Axle Whitehead up on stage.

The Home & Away alum took to Instagram to reflect on the experience, writing: “Cat’s outta the bag. What a blast!!! Thanks to the cast and crew of an incredible show. Most fun I’ve had.”

Viewers guessed Em was in the Dolly costume all along. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Dolly | Em Rusciano 

Most people caught on to the fact it was Aussie comedian Em Rusciano disguised as Dolly pretty early days. So it was no surprise when the runner up’s identity was revealed during the finale. 

After not being able to perform for nearly two years, Em took to Instagram to detail the impact the experience had on her. 

“It was absolutely one of most excellent experiences I’ve ever had performing. Truly a show made for someone like me (a neuro-diverse, introverted show-off). You get all the joys that come with performing, but you’re anonymous and you spend large potions of the day by yourself, in a small trailer eating snacks, watching RuPaul’s drag race Spain.

“Stepping onto the stage as Dolly for a month had a pretty deep and profound impact on me. I haven’t been able to perform live for nearly 2 years, (with the exception of that one show at the Sidney Myer Music bowl, which I’m started to think may have been a fever dream) so as soon as I held the mic to my mouth and the music started playing, I felt that familiar magic enter my blood again.”

Anastacia won the Masked Singer Australia trophy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Vampire | Anastacia 

Most fans also guessed this one! American musician Anastacia unveiled her identity at the same time she claimed her trophy as winner of The Masked Singer Australia.

And despite not having the easiest of costumes to navigate, the performer assured she “loved every uncomfortable minute” via her Instagram. 

“Even though I couldn’t see what the hell I was doing in that huge head piece 😂 I loved performing as VAMPIRE each week. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did?”

She then went on to tease a new project, adding: “Lady Vampire must retire back to the shadows… for now 🧛‍♀️🦇🌙 💫 Stay tuned.”

“Thanks to the entire cast, crew, costume designers, judges and everyone who made this such an incredible experience… I LOVED it! 🧛‍♀️ ❤️”

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