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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Olivia & Jackson: Count down to baby!

A new chapter awaits the TV lovebirds
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There’s no denying that Olivia Fraser and Jackson Lonie have been one of Married at First Sight’s most contentious couples.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Olivia and Jackson hit it off at their wedding

Despite the pair’s instant attraction and genuine romance, the drama on this year’s season has overshadowed what is arguably one of the social experiment’s most successful love stories.

Thankfully, time away from the experiment has only strengthened the pair, with their electric chemistry on full display as New Idea catches up with them at their new base on NSW’s Central Coast.

“Our relationship has very much progressed since wrapping the show. Being off camera has brought us a lot of peace,” gushes Olivia, who is elated to be sharing a home with Jackson, who was previously based in Melbourne.

mafs olivia jackson
After surviving MAFS, Olivia and Jackson are ready to start a family together! (Credit: New Idea)

Of the couple’s decision to shack up, Olivia adds: “We were both in circumstances where we could move to be together, so why not be with the person you’ve fallen for?”

Jackson, 30, explains that although relocating interstate was a massive step, the move went as smoothly as possible.

“We managed a spare room for all of Liv’s extra clothes,” he laughs.

Looking to the future, Olivia and Jackson are hoping dearly to put the criticism and hardship that has come with starring on MAFS behind them.

With dramatic dinner parties and nasty armchair critics out of the way, the lovebirds confess things are getting serious – so much so, they’re already thinking about starting a family!

“Babies are definitely on the brain,” says Olivia, a knowing smile on her face.

mafs olivia jackson
As he and Olivia look to he future, Jackson reminds everyone “not to believe everything you see on TV”. (Credit: New Idea)

But before that, the 27-year-old is fully aware there’s work to be done.

“We have to survive the public backlash from the show,” says Olivia, offering a grim insight into the reality of reality television.

“[We want to] travel, buy a house and make our marriage legal before we’re ready for a bub,” she confirms.

“Liv’s mum is very excited for grandbabies. My dad is also keen. Any kids of ours would be welcomed into very wild and loving families, with amazing grandparents, uncles and aunties,” says Jackson, who “already has the dad jokes locked and loaded”, according to a very approving Olivia.

“He’s the best human I know, so I know he’s going to be a very present, very fun dad one day,” she says.

mafs olivia jackson
‘I know Jackson is going to be a very fun dad … he has the dad jokes locked and loaded.’ (Credit: New Idea)

With lots of support, the future looks bright for the pair. Despite an eyebrow-raising experience during the homestay episodes, they confirm their friends and family are rooting for them.

“My friends love Liv and she loves them. They’ve been nothing but supportive, don’t always believe what you see on TV,” Jackson maintains, but says one thing is certain – don’t ever expect to see Olivia at a gym again!

“The gym is my thing, it’s not Liv’s thing. It’s perfectly OK to have differences … now I know not to make her work out on TV,” laughs Jackson.

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