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Married At First Sight’s Jesse and Claire: Over already?!

“I’m realising how much she has started to tick me off…”
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In the second episode of Married At First Sight, we were introduced to two more couples: Sandy and Dan, and Jesse and Claire.

And while Sandy and Dan’s relationship quickly blossomed into something sweet and genuine, the same can’t be said about Jesse and Claire.

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Of course, Jesse had impossibly high standards from the very first moment we were introduced to him; he pulled out a list that was the length of two A4 pages and then told MAFS producers what types of women give him the “ick”.

“Girls who are addicted to their phone, social media, motivational quotes, ‘Hustle and grinding,’ who do you think you are? Any girl who calls me honey [or] sweetie; you’re not my auntie. Chicks who are always talking, who always interrupt you. Any girl who starts a sentence with, ‘Oh my God, babe!’ Star sign chicks, ‘Oh my God, that’s such a Libra thing to do,’ I’m not Libra… Shut up. Mirror selfies… Gym photos, butt, boob, bikini [photos]. Chicks who pout.”

Jesse, is there anything a woman can do that won’t turn you off them?! Yikes…

Despite Jesse’s long list of deal breakers, when he first saw Claire as she walked down the aisle, he was extremely pleased. He even described his new bride as, “Ungodly hot.”

jesse mafs
Jesse has a long list of things women do that give him “the ick”… (Credit: Nine)

But at Jesse and Claire’s wedding reception, disaster struck. Claire asked Jesse when his birthday was; a seemingly innocent question until it led to a conversation about star signs.

“Oh f**king hell, she’s a star sign chick,” Jesse confessed to cameras. But that’s not all Claire’s interested in.

As the conversation continued, Claire revealed she had a crystal hidden in her bra and was extremely passionate about ‘crystal healing’ as well as astrology.

“Oh man, the star signs, that’s a turn off. And I’m realising how much she has started to tick me off. We’re in ick territory,” Jesse told cameras just before Claire pulled him aside for a one on one and gifted him a crystal.

jesse claire mafs
Jesse was not happy when he found out that his new wife, Claire, is a “star sign chick” who’s passionate about crystals… (Credit: Nine)

Jesse looked horrified by Claire’s gesture but then he had a breakthrough. Sort of.

“You know, the more I think about it, is the crystal stuff for me? Well, no but I’m not gonna hate on someone else’s passion; especially my brand new wife. But honestly, I think the best way forward is for me to respect her passion and try to change my boundaries,” Jesse explained to cameras, before then admitting:

“It’s not gonna change in 24 hours, but when someone is that hot, I need to try as best I can.”

It seems that Jesse is only interested in women on a superficial level… To constantly reduce Claire to her ‘hotness’ and dismiss her interests and passions as ‘icky’ just because he doesn’t share them, is not cool.

jesse claire mafs
Jesse and Claire had a fight at the airport, while on route to their honeymoon, which led to an intense conversation… (Credit: Nine)

You know what else isn’t cool? Shushing your wife at the airport. But that’s what Jesse did when he and Claire were on route to their honeymoon.

The two had a fight about the incident and it opened up a huge can of worms.

“Do you think I talk too much?,” Claire ended up asking Jesse once they’d arrived at their hotel in The Whitsundays. After hesitating, Jesse replied, “Um, no, I don’t think it’s a question of whether you talk too much. Maybe it’s a question of, perhaps, you feel like you need to say something in a lot of moments where…”

At this point, Jesse trailed off and Claire jumped in. “I should just, what? Shut up?”

claire mafs
Will Jesse and Claire last? At this stage, all signs point to no but stranger things have happened… (Credit: Nine)

Jesse then said, “I think the main thing from my end, in response to that, is maybe nothing needs to be said in those times…” So essentially, yes, Jesse thinks Claire should just shut up??? Is that what that waffle response meant?

“[Jesse] should be taking this time to get to know me on a deeper level… It sucks. Like, I don’t want to be the needy girl that just always is wanting more. It confuses me, like, am I literally asking for too much? Do I need to just shush?” Claire asks the cameras while breaking down in tears.

No, sweetheart! In our opinion, Jesse’s got extremely impossible and unrealistic expectations when it comes to women and dating…

After Jesse’s behaviour on his wedding day and honeymoon, and the whole Harrison apparently having a girlfriend on the ‘outside’ scandal, we can’t wait to see what other dramas will be featured on MAFS Season 10…

Married At First Sight continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on 9 and 9Now.

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