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Domenica Calarco reveals juicy Married At First Sight secrets

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Married At First Sight’s Domenica Calarco has revealed a ton of juicy behind-the-scenes secrets.

Domenica, who appeared on Season 9 of MAFS, took part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) thread on Reddit and spilled SO much tea.

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Initially, Domenica just revealed interesting tidbits about the inner workings of Married At First Sight. For instance, she divulged that all contestants have to have STI tests before they enter the experiment and that the dinner parties are not at all what they seem.

“[The MAFS’ dinner parties are] just all for the show. You really need to make sure that you eat before you get to the dinner parties as not only are they super long but you don’t really get that much food.”

Domenica also shared that contestants need to send producers multiple “outfit options” for the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

“Each week we need to send at least 3-4 outfit options for the dinner party as well as the commitment ceremony. From that they choose; it comes down to patterns and colour; they can’t have anything on TV that makes the light flare and flicker and then we can’t be wearing the same colours,” Domenica wrote.

Domenica has shared multiple Married At First Sight secrets… (Credit: Instagram)

And then things got spicy. When asked by fans, Domenica addressed her ongoing feud with Olivia Frazer.

One fan commented on the AMA Reddit thread, “I heard that the experts really finally held Olivia accountable in the last matchup ceremonies – but we never got to see it due to concerns about her mental health… I was wondering if you could tell us more about this scene/scenario? How did they actually hold her accountable if this was true? Did they ever actually call her out? I really need closure here honestly.”

To which Domenica replied, “They certainly did, and even at the final girls night there was a lot more that went unseen. But I understand why they had to cut them out because the backlash was bad… I still don’t have closure either, that’s why it hurts when people say to me to get over it.”

Another fan asked, “How in the hell did you not rip Olivia’s face off when she kept b*tch twitching at you? I personally would have launched across that table and knocked the b*tch out.”

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“I had a guardian angel watching over me, I kept my calm because she wasn’t worth it. Still isn’t. She got what she wanted when I smashed the glass, but then Karma got her,” Domenica replied before quoting Taylor Swift lyrics:

“‘Karma is my boyfriend, karma is a god, karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend.’”

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