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MAFS couples: where are they now?

Are your favourites still together?
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As Married at First Sight‘s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant get set to tie the knot for real next week, we’re taking a look back at each of the couples from every season. Did your favourites go the distance?

WATCH: MAFS’ Jules and Cam’s real-life wedding sneak peek

Season one (2015)

Lachlan and Claire 

They met and wed in Sydney on the show’s first episode. Lachlan and Claire decided to continue their relationship at the end of the season, however the couple have since split.

Roni and Michael

Didn’t make it to the end of the season.

Zoe and Alex

Things were looking good for Zoe and Alex who met and wed in Melbourne in the show’s second episode. Following the conclusion of the season, they were still together and in March 2016, Zoe and Alex revealed they were planning to get married legally. 

After suffering a miscarriage in June 2015, Zoe and Alex revealed they were expecting their first child in October 2016.

On 14 November 2016 Zoe gave birth to their baby girl named Harper-Rose Garner. Unfortunately, on 17 April 2018 Zoe announced via Instagram she and Alex had split.

James and Michelle

They made it to the end of the season and gave it a shot, however they split in mid-2015. 

mafs zoe
Zoe and Alex have recently split (Credit: Instagram )

Season two (2016)

Erin and Bryce

They met and wed in Melbourne on the show’s first episode. In the final episode, Erin and Bryce decided to stay together… And they’re still together. We love a happy ending! 

Christie and Mark

Christie and Mark met and wed in Sydney on the show’s first episode, and by the final episode had decided to stay together. However, it didn’t work out and on 15 June 2016, they announced they’d called it quits. 

Clare and Jono

The pair quickly became the season’s controversial couple. By the fifth episode, Clare decided their relationship was not working as she felt ‘uncomfortable’ with Jono’s constant aggressive outbursts. They split before the end of the season. 

Simone and Xavier

The couple didn’t make it to the end of the season. 

mafs erin bryce
Erin and Bryce are still going strong! (Credit: Instagram )

Season three (2017) 

Keller and Nicole

Marrying in Brisbane in the show’s first episode, they stuck together throughout the series and gave a real relationship a shot. However, since filming ended, the couple have called it quits. 

Mark and Monica

The pair met and married in Sydney in episode one. By the season finale they’d decided to stay together, however they’ve since split. 

Jess and Dave

Split before the end of the season. 

Bella and Michael

They met and married in Brisbane. Despite saying they’d give things a shot at the final episode, they’ve since broken up. 

Craig and Andy

The series first same sex couple, they met and married in New Zealand. In the fifth episode, Craig decided to walk away from the relationship during the honeymoon, due to a “lack of intimacy”.

Craig has since spoken out to say he was left with PTSD following the show. 

mafs craig andy
Craig and Andy didn’t make it (Credit: Channel 9)

Season four (2017)

Jonathan and Cheryl

Despite having a good start, Jonathan and Cheryl’s relationship began to develop cracks during their honeymoon in New Zealand. The cracks deepened at the dinner party which resulted in Jonathan exchanging numbers with Scarlett; the duo spent the night texting.

At the first commitment ceremony, Cheryl claimed she did not wish to continue with Jonathan as “he seemed more interested in someone else”. The duo then called it quits. 

Sean and Susan

Sean and Susan broke up before the end of the season. 

Michael and Scarlett

They quit after the first commitment ceremony, and later that night it came out that Scarlett and Jonathan (Cheryl’s husband) had sent text messages to each other for hours the night before.

Nadia and Anthony

They called it quits before the end of the show. 

Simon and Alene

The couple said they would give things a shot during the final commitment ceremony, however they’ve split since filming ended. 

Andy and Vanessa

They decided to stay together after the experiment, but subsequently broke up because of their differing communication styles. 

Lauren and Andrew

Lauren did a runner on their wedding night, leaving Andrew all alone with no idea what had happened. She apologised, but he couldn’t forgive her. 

John and Deborah

When they first met, Deborah initially expressed disappointment that John was not a Polynesian man or “someone with culture”. It was downhill from there for the couple, and they split at the commitment ceremony. 

Michelle and Jesse

They made it to the end of the show, but there were always doubts for them both. They’ve since broken up. 

Sharon and Nick

At the Final Commitment Ceremony they decided to stay, Nick even going so far as to say, “That he would go anywhere as long as Sharon was by his side.” They’ve since split, and Nick has been linked to MAFS season six star, Jessika Power. 

Cheryl and Andrew

Determined to give love a chance, Cheryl and Andrew rejoined the experiment as a couple. They were thrown into the deep end of the experiment having to jump right into the home stays. Tensions began to rise when Andrew met Cheryl’s abrasive father for the first time and it did not go well. Their relationship went down hill quickly, and they soon called it quits. 

mafs john
Deborah was expecting to meet a Polynesian man, not John (Credit: Channel 9)

Season five (2018)

Sarah and Telv

We all had high hopes for Sarah and Telv, however in the end they didn’t make it as a couple. 

Dean and Tracey

The pair gave it a shot, however Dean was soon flirting with Davina behind the scenes. After news of his betrayal came out, Tracey tried to get over it, however she dumped Dean at the final ceremony, much to his surprise. 

Mat and Alycia

Called it quits before the end of the show. 

Jo and Sean D

The couple didn’t go the distance and quit the show. 

Davina and Ryan

Between the first and second commitment ceremonies, Davina started a secret flirtationship with Dean. At the dinner party, Davina hooked up with Dean, leading her to write “leave” at the second commitment ceremony. Ryan had written “stay”, so the couple had to stay another week. He eventually found out, and the pair left the show.

Davina has since found love away from the show and recently gave birth to her first child. 

Charlene and Patrick

At their final decision they said they would stay together. In March 2018, the couple announced they had split up.

Melissa and John

Fan fave John came back to give love another chance. The couple clicked, and it looked like he’d finally found his girl. They stayed together at the end of the experiment, however have since split. 

Troy and Ashley

As of the fifth commitment ceremony they were still in the experiment. However at the altar both Ashley and Troy said the relationship was not working out. A few weeks after the experiment he entered into a relationship with Carly who originally married Justin, but now have broken up.

In March, rumours swirled that Troy and Ashley were getting back together. Talk about complicated! 

Gabrielle and Nasser

Broke up before the end of the show. 

Justin and Carly

The couple quit before the end of the show. Carly went on to date Troy after the end of the show, however they have also now broken up. 

Justin T and Blair

Broke up before the final decision.

Season six (2019)

Jules and Cameron

They made it! Jules and Cam were a hit with fans and regarded as the least drama-fuelled couple from the get-go, who seemed to have joined the show for all the ‘right reasons’: namely, to find love. The loved-up couple are set to marry for real next week. 

Nic and Cyrell

Their relationship was always rocky, but everyone wanted the pair to make it as a couple. After cheating rumours and an altercation between Cyrell and Martha, they called time on their relationship and left during the sixth commitment ceremony, on good terms – thankfully.

Cyrell began a relationship with Eden Dally, runner-up of Love Island Australia, earlier this year. The couple are currently expecting their first child together

Jessika and Mick

Jessika messed Mick around until the final moments in order to stay in the experiment and see how things went with newcomer Dan. After coming clean to Mick the pair split, and Jess eventually re-entered the experiment with Dan. 

Dino and Melissa

There was never much of a spark, and after various altercations the pair called it quits before the end of the season. 

Mark and Ning

Week after week Mark tried to get to the ‘real’ Ning, but she’d been hurt in the past and was unwilling to open up. They made inroads and got as far as the final vows, and while Ning saw that there was a future with Mark, Mark saw otherwise, stating he “Haven’t found it with you”, which saw her heartbroken.

Mike and Heidi

They were hot for each other from the start, but things eventually unravelled and by the Final Vows, while they committed to each other, they’d broken up by the reunion.

Sam and Elizabeth

Oh, where to start?! Sam ditched his bride before the honeymoon and then Elizabeth went awol not long after. Sam eded up having a secret affair with Ines, which he denied until the end. Sam and Elizabeth didn’t make it to the final ceremony – and neither did Sam and Ines. 

Lauren and Matthew

Matthew was she show’s ‘first virgin’, which meant the pressure was on for Lauren for their first time. After popping his cherry, the pair drifted apart and were the first to leave the experiment. 

Bronson and Ines

Ines wasn’t keen on Bronson from the get-go, and made that perfectly clear to anyone who would listen. Before long, she and Sam struck up an attraction and Ines kept an ignorant Bronson in the show so she could spend time with Sam. 

Bronson was left completely in the dark until Sam blew the cover wide open at the third commitment ceremony. Safe to say, Bronson and Ines didn’t make it to the end. And her ‘relationship’ with Sam was short-lived, too. 

Michael and Martha

The unconventional couple gave things a red-hot go on the show, leaving the experiment together. After overcoming the hurdles of living in different cities their relationship is still going strong. They recently celebrated their one year anniversary together. 

Susie and Billy

Talk about a mismatch! The intruder couple argued their way through each week, eventually calling it quits at the sixth commitment ceremony.

Susie is currently in a relationship with NRL player Todd Carney. 

Dan and Tamara

The second intruder couple started well, but Dan’s head was soon turned by Jessika. Dan and Jess then both decided to stay in the experiment with their respective partners, so that they could spend more time together behind their backs. 

Jessika and Dan

After blindsiding their partners Mick and Tamara that they’d been seeing each other behind their backs, Dan and Jess asked to be allowed to stay on as a new couple. They initially seemed to have found love with each other and left the experiment as a couple. 

However, once the season had aired, Dan saw sides to Jessika that he didn’t like, and the pair split live on TV during an interview on Talking Married. 

Jess and Dan gave things a shot, but didn’t work out

WATCH BELOW: Cam proposes to Jules during the final commitment ceremony

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