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MAFS fans have reacted to Ben telling Ellie everything he dislikes about her

The question arises again... is Ben on MAFS for the right reasons?
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Ever since he first appeared on our screens, Ben Walters has been a very controversial groom on Married At First Sight Australia.

On his wedding day to MAFS bride Ellie, Ben’s intentions on the show were questioned by Ellie’s cousin and best friend, Jordan, and from there, Ben’s intentions further came into speculation by not just Ellie, but also other contestants.

He has made some very questionable decisions since being married to Ellie, and fans aren’t afraid to share their opinions…

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In last night’s episode, Ben sat Ellie down for over two hours and listed everything that he had not enjoyed about their relationship. 

“I feel cheated from this experiment,” Ellie said to the camera. “He’s just wasted my time.”

She then continued to go into detail about what Ben had said to her, revealing that he told her he didn’t like that she wore makeup, or their seven-year age gap, claiming that there was a “generational gap”.

He also told Ellie that he didn’t like that she was from the Gold Coast, or that she is “sensitive” and “emotional”.

Fans quickly took to the comments section of the MAFS Instagram page to share their opinions…

“Dude needs a time machine to take him back to the 1950s where he can freely call women emotional and tell them how much makeup to wear,” one wrote. 

“Ben wants airtime. He wants to promote himself and his podcast. This behaviour ensures he gets it. So obvious,” said another.

Another commented, “The cousin was right👍,” siding with the statements made by Ellie’s cousin, Jordan, on their wedding day. 

In 2021, Ben attended the Newcastle Podcast Festival Awards where he hung out with MAFS Lizzie Sobinoff. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Ben Walters’ podcast?

Ben is a 39-year-old tour guide from New South Wales and, because of his adventurous nature, he hasn’t had the time to focus on relationships in his past. 

Ben revealed on the show that he has his own podcast, so we took a look into it…

His podcast is called GET LOST with a Travel Guide and the first episode was posted to Spotify in August 2021. He has been fairly consistent with his podcast having 30 published episodes on his account. The last episode was posted in November 2023. 

Ben has been a Tour Leader in Europe, Tour Director of Australia and has explored over 50 countries! (Credit: Instagram)

What is Ben Walters’ Tour Guide company?

Ben’s tour guide company is called Steadwell Escapes where he offers “single and multi-day escapes where Ben is your host.” 

In the “About” section on his website, it states, “founded by Ben Walters in 2019, who you may recognise as a cast member on Married At First Sight season 11 (2024), Australia.”

On another area of the website, it reads, “[Ben] is a certified Aussie Specialist through Tourism Australia, podcaster and got Married at First Sight of season 11, Australia, 2024.”

MAFS fans haven’t been shy when sharing their opinion on Ben, regularly posting to X and commenting on MAFS’ Instagram posts.

“Ben wants airtime. He wants to promote himself and his podcast. This behaviour ensures he gets it. So obvious,” one wrote. 

Ben is married to Ellie on MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

Are Ben and Ellie still together after MAFS?

With his intentions being called into question, fans are wondering if Ben and Ellie will still be together by the series’ end. Ellie recently spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about her relationship with Ben, hinting at what’s to come.

“I feel like, after watching it last night that, you know, there were red flags with Ben. It was interesting to watch it back. And I think maybe he was there for both reasons,” she said.

“Without saying too much. I feel like Ben really didn’t let his walls down completely.”

There have been reports and evidence that suggest Ellie and fellow MAFS contestant Jonothan have become an item outside of the show. 

Daily Mail has also recently reported that Ben has been spotted with a new girl, further suggesting Ben and Ellie didn’t make it past the experiment. 

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