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MAFS’ Alyssa believes Duncan and Evelyn’s romance started before the shows end

"Why didn't Evelyn tell me [about her romantic feelings for Declan] when her and I were friends? Guess we weren't lol."
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In May 2023, Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James, who both participated in this year’s Married At First Sight, confirmed they were in a relationship.

Duncan even revealed that they had rung Evelyn’s MAFS groom Rupert and got his blessing; unsurprising, as Evelyn and Rupert ended things amicably during the Final Vows.

WATCH: Married At First Sight’s Duncan and Evelyn confirm they’re dating. Article continues after video. 

However, when Evelyn and Duncan announced their new relationship status, neither of them mentioned Duncan’s MAFS bride Alyssa.

Again, this wasn’t surprising as things ended on a sour note between Duncan and Alyssa; Duncan broke up with her during the Final Vows and then Alyssa exploded at him during the reunion dinner…

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But Alyssa is aware of Duncan and Evelyn’s relationship.

(Credit: Nine)

Hours after the new couple went public, Alyssa took to TikTok to share a video of herself enjoying a holiday in Hawaii.

“There is nothing better than a sunset over the ocean,” Alyssa captioned her post.

Sure, this TikTok seems unrelated to Evelyn and Duncan but in the comments section a fan asked, “How do you feel about Evelyn and Duncan being together? I thought she was your friend!”

And Alyssa responded! The 36-year-old wrote, “Rip”.

WATCH: Married At First Sight’s Duncan prepares to wed Alyssa. Article continues after video. 

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Alyssa also wrote in the comments section on another one of her TikTok’s that her Married At First Sight edit was “twisted” after a user said she was ‘worse than Harrison’.

“People are supporting me because they know the real story. Try not to believe what you are watching. There was so much more to it that you’re not seeing,” Alyssa wrote.

“The story was completely twisted to fit their narrative.”

Alyssa let loose all her bottled up feelings (Credit: Instagram)

Three months on, it seems like Alyssa is still nursing a broken heart, and harbouring plenty of negative feelings towards Duncan and Evelyn. 

Taking to her Instagram stories on August 9th, Alyssa made it very clear how she felt towards her former “husband” after he discussed their time together on MAFS, and post MAFS on fellow MAFS castmember Ollie Skelton’s TOSSER podcast. 

“Is it also weird that Duncan threw me and Josh under the bus about going on a date to deflect from the fact neither him nor Evelyn didn’t give me ‘respect’ to tell me about their relationship and I had to hear from someone else hmmmmm,” she shared to her stories in response to what Duncan had said on the podcast. 

“Like why even bring it up. When it actually just proved that Josh had enough respect for him (and me) to tell him. But he couldn’t reciprocate.”

New Idea would like to note that the “date” being referenced was just Josh and Alyssa hanging out as good friends. 

Tahnee and Lyndall were quick to show their public support for Alyssa (Credit: Instagram)

Alyssa then went on to reveal that she would no longer keep her thoughts and feelings towards the reality show, Duncan or Evelyn silent. 

“I don’t expect any ex of mine to tell me they are moving on with someone else. That would be absurd. But if it’s with someone in our friend group, who we went through a life-altering experiment with, and whom was supposedly ‘rooting for us,’ and they had enough “respect” for Rupes to tell him. Doesn’t make sense to me.”

“I’m done being silent and hiding away my thoughts and feelings in fear of being trolled and called a ‘victim.’ So much went on in that expert that was never shown. There were multiple reasons I was reacting the way I was reacting. It wasn’t over nothing.”

“Why didn’t Evelyn tell me [about her romantic feelings for Declan] when her and I were friends? Guess we weren’t lol.”

Alyssa felt “something was happening” since the MAFS couple swap. (Credit: Nine)

In mid-August, Alyssa revealed on Back To Reality podcast she “always felt like something was happening” between Duncan and Evelyn prior to the show’s end. While suspicions began when Duncan was in his room with Evelyn and Rupert, but things truly went south following the couple swap. 

“Imagine you going away for a weekend and your friend – because Evelyn was my friend in the experiment – your friend came over to come and housesit with your husband. You came back and he gives you a photo of himself half naked, straddling your KitchenAid that she had taken,” she explained.

“Like, whose idea was that? That all this is going to be fun and playful and you strip off your clothes. Let me throw flour on you and you can straddle it, it was just it was sick.

“It’s disgusting. It’s not right. We had a massive fight about where she was going to sleep. He wanted to share the bed with her. And I was like, Absolutely not. In what world do you share a bed?”

While Alyssa affirmed that “they’re a really good match for each other,” she wished Duncan and Evelyn ‘respected’ her enough to inform her of their blossoming romance. 

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