Al Perkins steps away from the spotlight to “focus on faith”

Where has the party-boy gone?
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Al Perkins is primarily recognised for his party-boy life following his shoey on Married At First Sight Australia, or should we say, was now that the 26-year-old has stepped away from the spotlight.

While it may come as a major shock to some fans given he also starred on the raunchy show, Love Island, but Al is stepping back from fame to focus on faith.

So where has the party-boy persona gone? A source has informed Yahoo Lifestyle that the former groom has changed a lot since dating his girlfriend, Hope Kelsis, 18.

Earlier this year, Al went public with his now girlfriend, who he’s admitted to having full intentions of one day marrying her.

“He’s grown up a lot lately,” the source said.

Al went public with his girlfriend in early 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

“After MAFS he got caught up in the fame, party invites and offers that followed and stopped going to church as much. But now he’s re-centring himself and focusing on his family, relationship and faith.”

There have been hints Al would be taking a step back from fame after leaving his hosting position on podcast Back To Reality in early-August to “focus on his faith.”

Co-host Taku Chimwaza revealed the news on the podcast, with Al’s replacement being MAFS star Selina Chhaur.

“Al has decided not to continue to host Back To Reality with me,” Taku said.

Al travelled to East Timor for a volunteer trip in July. (Credit: Instagram)

“He’s okay, he’s doing just fine. He’s taking a little bit of time off to focus on his relationship and his faith. I think it’s important to take time off when you’re feeling a bit uneasy.”

Plus, in July 2023, Al travelled to East Timor for a volunteer trip with his Seventh Day Adventist Church to help build schools and houses for locals.

“I want to use my platform more wisely and give back by doing things like this and hopefully inspire other people to do the same,” he previously told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Being here makes me realise we cannot complain at all in Australia. These kids don’t even have shoes and they’re the happiest kids I’ve ever met.”

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