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MAFS expert Alessandra shows off her astonishing weight loss

"It was such a transformation both physically and mentally."
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Married At First Sight’s sexology expert Alessandra Rampolla has shared incredible before-and-after photos, after revealing she lost 60kgs following a surgical procedure.

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She made her MAFS debut earlier this year, after joining the expert panel as a sexologist for the show’s eighth season, with Alexandra having taken over from Dr Trisha Stratford.

And she certainly made an impact, where she used her background and expertise to take the participants out of their comfort zones, in an effort to make them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Now, Alessandra has opened up about her own journey with her body, taking to Instagram to share with her followers her impressive weight loss journey.

mafs alessandra rampollo weight loss
“2006 vs 2021.” (Credit: Instagram)

Uploading two side-by-side images of herself before losing a total of 60kgs, Alessandra can be seen grinning widely as she poses for the camera in both images.

“2006 vs 2021,” she captioned the post, before directing a question to her fans.

“Do you remember me like this?” she wrote in Spanish.

mafs alessandra
Alessandra joined MAFS as an expert earlier this year. (Credit: Nine)

The post comes after Alessandra spoke to Woman’s Day to reveal she has struggled with obesity for years, before undergoing a gastric bypass surgery in 2008.

“It was such a transformation both physically and mentally,” Alessandra said.

“My decision to do it had nothing to do with aesthetics, I did it for my health, and at the time I was married and I was thinking about having kids and I had learned about the complications of trying for a baby with that extra weight, so I made a decision,” she explained.

mafs alessandra rampolla
Alessandra previously revealed she underwent a gastric bypass surgery in 2008. (Credit: Instagram)

Alessandra also told 9Entertainment that she travelled to Colombia to undergo the surgery, and subsequently lost 60kg.

“My surgeon was the best and I thought I will go where he lives and travel to Colombia and have my surgery there, and it was life-changing in many, many, many positive ways — most of which is of course my health, which has been incredibly good since I had the surgery,” she said.

“With that surgery you lose weight and because I work in the media that became a big part of the story.”

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