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Many Married At First Sight 2023 contestants have been on TV before…

So are they really looking for love or fame?
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It’s a question we all ask ourselves every year: are the contestants on Married At First Sight really looking for love? Or are they looking for fame?

Each year it gets harder and harder to give MAFS cast members the benefit of the doubt; especially as so many of them seem to appear on other television shows before going on Married At First Sight.

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This year’s season of MAFS is no different and, thanks to all the drama that’s transpired, some fans are adamant that many contestants this year are actors (Harrison especially).

Well, those fans might be onto something because there are actually a few Married At First Sight 2023 cast members who were on multiple TV shows before they walked down the aisle and married a stranger… Read on to see who!

Adam Seed

mafs adam
Adam on Coach Trip, Dinner Date and Celebrity Ex in the City. (Credit: Channel 4 / ITV / MTV)

Adam certainly was a villain on this year’s MAFS after he cheated on Janelle with Claire and then lied about it repeatedly.

But Married At First Sight certainly wasn’t Adam’s first rodeo. Prior to being on MAFS, Adam was on the UK reality shows Coach Trip, Dinner Date and Celebrity Ex in the City.

Alyssa Barmonde

mafs alyssa
Alyssa was on Judge Judy over ten years ago… (Credit: Nine)

Before Alyssa married Duncan (AKA the best looking MAFS groom of all time), she appeared on Judge Judy.

Alyssa told New Idea, “It was over a decade ago when I was living in California. I was the defendant in a lawsuit which JJ [Judge Judy] ruled the case to be thrown out. She was very intimidating, but I totally admire her success and her commanding presence in holding a room,” about the appearance.

Evelyn Ellis

mafs evelyn
Evelyn on Big Brother UK in 2016. (Credit: Getty)

Evelyn is slowly becoming a fan-favourite on this year’s Married At First Sight, thanks to her killer style, cool girl vibes and her ability to call out those who deserve it. But Evelyn also appeared on the reality show Big Brother UK in 2016.

Layton Mills

mafs layton
Layton on Wipeout Australia and First Dates. (Credit: Nine / Seven)

Layton had a rocky start on MAFS as his bride, Melinda initially wasn’t too thrilled with him being her groom. However, the couple have persevered and somehow, despite both being rather strong-willed and stubborn, made their relationship work.

But Married At First Sight isn’t Layton’s first time on TV. In 2010, Layton competed on Wipeout Australia. And in 2016, he went on First Dates Australia.

Plus, Layton has appeared as a guest on The Project and Sky News to talk about his company.

Shannon Adams

mafs shannon
Shannon on Aussie cop drama, Rush. (Credit: Ten)

Shannon certainly earned himself a bad reputation after appearing on Married At First Sight (to refresh your memory, he repeatedly treated his bride Caitlin horribly; in fact, he treated her so badly that MAFS expert John Aiken let Caitlin leave the show even though Shannon wanted to stay…)

But prior to MAFS, Shannon was an actor. In 2005, Shannon played Nick Thompson on Blue Heelers. In 2009, he played Craig Ryan on Neighbours.

Shannon also appeared in two episodes of the Aussie cop show, Rush as well as multiple commercials.

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