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Married at First Sight brides and grooms tell-all: ‘He tripped and fell into his co-worker’s vagina’

Meet some of the hopeful singles walking down the aisle this season on the hit dating show.
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Everyone wants to know the truth about the stars of Married at First Sight 2020 – and we have all the gos, straight from their own mouths. 

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Poppy: ‘I want a good father figure FOR MY KIDS’  

Wollongong-based photographer Poppy, 38, has become an instant fan favourite for her laugh-out-loud humour. 

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Poppy (Credit: Nine)

“I’ve got 2-year-old twins and when they were 6 weeks old, my husband had a terrible accident,” Poppy recounted of her split with her husband. 

“He tripped and fell into his co-worker’s vagina and he’s still stuck there!”

Of course, dating with two young kids hasn’t been easy for Poppy, but she is ready for love.

“I’m looking for a good father figure,” she tells New Idea. “Someone to have my back.” And, it shouldn’t be too hard for her prospective hubby to woo her as her ideal date is “drinks at a seedy pub”, she laughs. 

Josh (Credit: Nine)

Josh: ‘I’m not a party boy’

Lovable Aussie larrikin Josh, 28, used to be the life of the party but after being unable to maintain a relationship he is putting his partying ways behind him. 

“I had a serious relationship and honestly it broke down because of myself,” he says. “I put things that weren’t important, as well as going out every weekend with mates, over my relationship, and I had taken it for granted.” 

Now, the Sydney-based industrial operator/truck driver says: “I am looking for someone with similar morals to myself. A good heart, a good sense of humour and someone who one day wants to start a family of our own.”

(Credit: Nine)

Ivan: ‘Haters gonna hate’

Ukrainian-born Ivan, 30, admits that he has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to speak his mind no matter who he might offend. And the Sydney-based real estate agent is taking the same attitude into the show. 

“Haters gonna hate,” he says. “I just hope [my bride] gives me time, to gain an understanding of who I am.” 

Of course, underneath his tough exterior Ivan is a true romantic and is hoping to find “loyalty and honesty” in his new partner. 

And, when it comes to their first date, Ivan has high expectations. 

“My ideal date is something that gets the heart racing,” he admits.

Mishel: ‘I was catfished’

Queensland-based mum of two and teacher Mishel, 48, has had her fair share of heartbreak, including going through a divorce 15 years ago after her husband cheated on her. 

What’s more, life on the dating scene hasn’t always been a joyful experience, with eight men also cheating on her in the past and being catfished.  

“I have a full journal [of dating disasters],” Mishel says. “I’ve been on a date with a man that ain’t the other man in 
the photo. Catfishing is common.” 

But, Mishel isn’t ready to give up on love. “I’m excited that I will meet someone kind and loving,” she adds. 

However, she does have one deal breaker. “Cheaters!” 

Hayley: ‘I went from drugs to bodybuilding’

Hayley, a bodybuilder and finance broker, already has fans talking with her vivacious and chatty personality, but the Melbourne-based beauty had a tough past. 

Hayley started taking drugs at 16 and became addicted for the next 10 years. But turning to bodybuilding saved her.  

However, the one thing missing from her life is love and when it comes to the  man of her dreams, she knows exactly what she wants.

“Someone who can keep up with me and push me 
to grow and develop further,” she says. “I’m also looking for a man not a boy – there is a difference!” 

She says that she isn’t nervous about meeting her groom at the end of the aisle – well not yet at least! 

“No, I’m not [nervous], but that will change when I’m walking towards him, I bet,” she laughs.

For more, see this week’s New Idea – out now! 

(Credit: New Idea)

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