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Married at First Sight’s Jessika Power shocks with raunchy display in Cairns

The former TV star struts her stuff under the tropical sun
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Married At First Sight‘s Jessika Power isn’t one for shying away from the spotlight – or from extremely revealing swimwear – with the onetime reality TV sensation putting on quite the show with a close friend at a top Cairns resort.

The ex-celebrity, 26, was loving the sun in a mismatched bikini ensemble that exposed most of her bottom to the notoriously damaging tropical rays. Let’s hope she had applied plenty of sunscreen!

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Her close friend, who clearly shares Jessika’s love of tattoos, spent an extended amount of time adjusting and admiring Jessika’s costume, as the tactile pair strutted their stuff poolside.

One onlooker claimed to be ‘shocked’ by Jessika’s ‘raunchy’ display. 

‘Yes, it is hot in Cairns, but Jessika’s bikini bottom left nothing to the imagination,’ noted the source. ‘She and her friend were certainly enjoying themselves.’

The spotlight-chasing blonde’s performance including several dramatic poses highlighting her new tattoos, and a memorable hair-toss straight out of a Motley Crue music video.

(Credit: Backgrid)

Jessika might be on the lookout for new love after a reported split from The Bachelorette‘s Matt Whyatt.

The reality TV star told New Idea that she was never dating Matt, to begin with, after recently sharing a meme featuring Sex and the City character Carried Bradshaw, which read: ‘I don’t have time for idiots.’

A fan asked the blonde bombshell if they had broken up, and Jess personally replied to the fan, saying ‘yup,’ – sparking reports that she had split with the reality star.

However, following reports that the comment was directed towards Matt, Jess denied the claims in a statement to New Idea.

(Credit: Backgrid)

‘I said “yep” to someone saying have you two broken up because I thought they meant Nick as I get asked about him all the time’” she said.

She also stated that she ‘was never dating Matty, to begin with in order to break up.’

However, it looks like Jess won’t be single for long. 

Jessika Power
(Credit: Backgrid)

The blonde bombshell told New Idea that she has met someone new since her breakup.

‘I’ve met someone who makes me laugh so I’m also wanting to see where that goes,’ she said.

Furthermore, Jess also confirmed that she sadly won’t be returning to our TV screens this year – cancelling out theories of her appearing on Love Island Australia.

‘At the moment I have so many amazing projects in the works that I want to focus on, so the possibility of more reality TV for me this year isn’t in my cards.’

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