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MAFS star Elizabeth Sobinoff reveals scary health news that has left her hospitalised

"I had an infection for all the duration of my postpartum."
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Married at First Sight star Elizabeth Sobinoff recently shared the scary news that she has been suffering from an infection throughout her entire postpartum.

Lizzie shared some pictures on Instagram along with a brief caption explaining her reason for being hospitalised.

WATCH NOW: Elizabeth Sobinoff flaunts body after 10kg weight loss. Article continues after video. 

“Saturday till Thursday – found out I had some very nasty bugs living in me from birth,” she wrote.

“So happy I have my answers.

“I had an infection for all the duration of my postpartum and my results had come back on a swab that resulted in a phone call on Friday afternoon stating that I needed to go to hospital for five days and be on antibiotics.

“The bugs I have could lead to ICU stay if not treated and very scary consequences if they reach my organs.”

Lizzie will remain in hospital for five days. (Credit: Instagram)

Lizzie first shared the news of the birth of her first child, a darling baby girl, on November 12th.

Taking to her Instagram account, the former TV bride shared a close-up selfie of her, and her newborn daughter snuggled up close to her chest, with an equally sweet caption. 

“She is absolute perfection to me. She is everything to me. I’m so in love with our daughter. Words cannot express my love for her. My heart ❤️.”

Lizzie has since shared some adorable photos of her and her newborn baby standing in front of the Christmas tree and cuddling in bed.

She is glowing! (Credit: Instagram)

Lizzie shared some photos to Instagram to commemorate three weeks of her little one.

She captioned the post, “Nearly 3 weeks with my baby 🤍.”

She has grown so much already!

Lizzie is keeping her baby’s face hidden. (Credit: Instagram)

We have yet to see the face of her baby.

All photos so far have covered the baby’s face to keep some privacy within the family. 

An emoji love heart is Lizzie’s go-to.

Congratulations to the happy couple! (Credit: Instagram)

After the baby was first born, Lizzie shared some photos, writing that she and her husband Alex Vega had “never been happier.”

“My everything. A love so strong. Pure bliss,” she penned, also revealing that their yet-to-be-named daughter was born on November 8th. 

In September, Lizzie revealed the gender of her unborn baby at her baby shower, much to the delight of her hundreds of thousands of fans. 

Taking to her Instagram to share some sweet behind-the-scenes snaps of the event, Lizzie made sure to share an image of a pink cake. 

But it wasn’t as straightforward a reveal as Lizzie might have hoped for with one fan commenting: Wow, I’m confused, blue slippers and now pink cake, you’re not making the guessing game easy.”

To this, Lizzie responded: “Lol, I’m not allowed to wear blue? We are having a girl 💗.”

In late July, the former reality star shared another sweet pregnancy update with her fans, posting intimate photos of her growing baby bump to her Instagram account. 

The soon-to-be first-time mum wrote that she was in a “love bubble” and alongside her husband and her growing baby, was looking forward to being part of a loving family of three. 

It’s a girl! (Credit: Instagram)

Despite being “super tired,” Lizzie has also admitted that she was enjoying her pregnancy body, also revealing her pregnancy craving – coconut chocolate! 

“Alex loves coconut chocolate!” she clarified in the comments section. 

“I hated chocolate at first, but now I’m like GIMME.”

Her pregnancy progressed rapidly. (Credit: Instagram)

The glamazon was also been vocal about the ups and downs of her pregnancy so far. 

“The first half of my pregnancy was a roller coaster, the good, the bad, the fabulous, the sickness 😂 I’m so excited for my bubba. Every day brings me closer 💗,” she shared on her Instagram. 

The update came just weeks after she made a heartbreaking pregnancy confession in early June, where she broke down in tears, sharing the vulnerable moment with her followers. 

“I guess this is the reality of pregnancy as well, you know. I had to call in sick to work and it’s like….I’m just that exhausted,” she wept. 

“This is the reality of pregnancy, you just feel really exhausted and tired and you start to feel like a bit of a failure.”

Glowing! (Credit: Instagram)

But despite the tears, Lizzie revealed that she was still over the moon about her pregnancy, however challenging, and felt that it was a “good thing” to share with her many fans. 

“I’m on a journey and I’m so excited but I thought I’ll showcase some of the not-so-glamourous moments of my journey,” Lizzie captioned the emotional video. 

“I know these feelings pass. I think it’s cool to show these moments as well. All feelings are validated, this is just an honest moment when I was in the moment.”

Lizzie shared a raw and real pregnancy confession on Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

Lizzie confirmed that she was expecting her first child with husband Alex Vega in May 2023, four months after tying the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony.

The MAFS star shared the news of her pregnancy with a series of photos showing off her growing baby bump. She accompanied the post with a caption that asked fans to stop leaving comments about her body. 

“Looking at some of these comments in the last few posts I’ve done,” Lizzie wrote on Instagram.

“Always so much focus on a woman’s body (I’ve had more than my fair share) I’m navigating my body right now, so many changes, especially internally (I’ve been pretty sick).

“I also understand so many people are excited. So am I!!!! It’s an exciting time in our (my partner) lives right now. I’ll talk about my experience with it in the future. Mama bear is just nesting right now.”

Lizzie and Alex welcomed their first child together in November 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

Lizzie has been open with her many Instagram followers about her health struggles. She was diagnosed with endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and bowel adhesions in 2021 and has often hit back at negative comments about her weight loss. 

Despite the negative comments, Lizzie appeared to be overjoyed to share her baby news with fans. 

Her famous friends were quick to offer their congratulations.

“Ohhhh my goodness!!! YAY!!! Congratulations my beautiful friend… such fabulous news! You are going to be a wonderful mother,” wrote Sara Jane Roza.

“Congratulations 🥳 sending you all blessings,” added Jackie Gillies.

“Oh Lizzie, best news. I am soooo happy for you,” added Janet Roach.

Lizzie and Alex are “nesting” right now. (Credit: Instagram)

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