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MAFS bosses reveal what it takes to be cast on the show

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Married At First Sight bosses have dished the dirt on the casting process. 

Endemol Shine Australia’s executive producer Tara McWilliams maintains that they don’t actually pick the people that act the most dramatic. 

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“I wish I could take full credit, say I’m the casting genius behind this show and all my plans came to fruition, but that is not the case,” she said.

Tara also revealed that the majority of people signing up for the show aren’t doing it for love. 

“It’s not the main driver for everyone,” she said.

“I think the experience is probably the main driver now,” McWilliams added. “Being on television, being part of the experiment and whatever that brings. I don’t think it’s so black and white as either love or fame.”

MAFS resident relationship expert and this season’s return star Elizabeth Sobinoff. (Credit: Instagram)

She also rubbished rumours that network bosses wanted to tone down the show.

“And thank God,” she said. “If we had to I think it would be very difficult and quite frustrating. By the nature of it I think it’s always going to be quite unpredictable and controversial at times.”

“But even if people are coming on to increase their profile, or to get Instagram followers, or to get some sort of public profile out of this, I genuinely believe that everyone who comes on hopes they are matched with someone they like and potentially could have a relationship with.”

However, Channel Nine’s Programming Director Hamish Turnertold TV Tonight that this season will see no shortage of drama. 

Last season of the show was nothing short of dramatic. (Credit: Nine Network)

“There will be drama, there is no doubt and we’re not afraid of that.”

“But the beginning of the show is definitely people looking for love and that should absolutely be the driving force behind it” he added.

Meanwhile resident relationship expert John Aiken has revealed a little fact about the show that may surprise you, revealing that out of the 15,000 applicants, 80% were women.

“Men are the hard ones to get,” John said.

“Other [MAFS] production teams [across the world] say the same thing.

“When you’re on this show for 10 weeks for this experiment, basically you’re going to be exposed, you’re going to have everything essentially come out.”

Married At First Sight will premiere on Monday, February 3, on Channel Nine, 7.30pm.

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