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“You’re driving me crazy!” MAFS fans react to Andrea and Richard’s fiery fight

"If a partner blamed my past trauma for their behaviour, wine would be spilt."
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In one of the most surprising developments of this Married At First Sight season, Richard Sauerman, 62, and Andrea Thompson, 51, have turned from head-over-heels to all-guns-blazing as their ‘marriage’ falls apart.

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During tonight’s dinner party, the photographer and motivational speaker had a couple of fiery exchanges as they aired out their problems.

The heated arguments, which featured raised voices and slammed tables, caused much discourse from viewers, who took to social media to share their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say.

Ahead of the dinner party, Andrea sat Richard down to share her thoughts about the relationship and where things had gone wrong.

As she recited a letter she had written, citing issues such as Richard’s inappropriate comments, her ‘husband’ got increasingly irate.

“Let’s be honest about this, you’re not into me,” Richard snapped. “I feel worthless, unwanted, unappreciated, undesired. You ruined what we had Andie… and you can’t even tell me why you did it.”

Defending herself, Andrea countered that Richard wasn’t giving her a chance to explain as he was “puffing” and “sighing” instead of listening.

When the 62-year-old accused Andie of “gaslighting” him, she slammed her notebook on the table and screamed “You just did! Don’t tell me I’m gaslighting again; you’re driving me crazy”.

Richard and Andrea have had a few fiery fights. (Credit: Nine)

The pair spoke over each other until the bride stormed away, telling Richie he was “worse” than her past relationships. 

Later that night, fellow brides and grooms questioned why Richard and Andrea had entered the dinner party separately.

As they shared their issues with the group, tensions were heightened again.

“You’ve been disrespecting me,” Andrea told Richard. 

But the groom told the group, “For me, it’s very clear it’s about her past relationship hurt and trauma,” adding that Andie was treating him like an ex.

It culminated in Andie hitting her fist on the table in frustration.

These two arguments follow a previous disagreement in Tuesday night’s episode.

It doesn’t look like they’ll stay together after the experiment. (Credit: Nine)

In the initial fight, Andrea accused Richard of making further crude comments about their sex life – breaking boundaries she implemented following his indelicate remarks at one of the earlier commitment ceremonies

“I just think you’re making things up,” Richard told Andie when she couldn’t provide examples. “You can’t put something on the table that you can’t remember.”

Andie rebutted: “I can’t communicate with you if you’re completely denying what I’m talking about… I don’t feel like you hear me.”

But Richard was quick to interrupt. “Andie that’s not true… I’m not going to cop that,” he said, accusing his ‘wife’ of making an “excuse” rather than admitting she was no longer attracted to him.

If these arguments are anything to go by, Richie and Andie don’t make it work outside the experiment. More on that here.

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