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Best fan reactions to the Love Island Australia finale

“Why are there eggs??!”
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Season 4 of Love Island Australia has come to an end with Claudia and Austen being crowned as this year’s winners.

The entire season was filled with twists and turns – Holly being forced to steal Jordan from Claudia, the insane baby challenge, Mitch’s eye wandering in a spicy game of Truth or Dare – and the finale was no different.

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Of course, Claudia and Austen (or Clausten as fans call them) won but other revelations were revealed during the episode too; for instance, Stella and Hugh hooked up after they were dumped from the island!

And so, fans had plenty to talk about online during Love Island’s final episode for 2022.

Obviously, many fans were extremely happy that Claudia and Austen won and took to Twitter to express that joy.

Many fans were happy that Claudia and Austen won… (Credit: Nine)

One Twitter user wrote, “Really enjoyed the #LoveIslandAU finale. So happy my babies Claudia and Austen won. Can’t wait to follow their journey post show. ❤️🙏” while another tweeted “CLAUSTEN SUPREMACY”.

However, some were disappointed with Claustin’s win: “I wish it was Phoebe and Mitch…”

Some fans had questions for the Love Island producers; one fan Tweeted, “I’m confused as to how Callum and Maddie got to the finale…” while another wrote “Why are there eggs??!” (referring to the golden eggs Sophie Monk gave Claudia and Austen before Claudia was given the chance to steal the entire prize money for herself).

A few fans were disappointed that the finale wasn’t live; in fact, it was filmed back in September. But to make sure the winner didn’t leak early, three different endings – one where Clausten won, one where Phoebe and Mitch won and one where Callum and Mads won – were filmed. “I hate that the reactions aren’t genuine since they taped 3 endings lol,” one fan Tweeted. 

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And the most Tweeted about thing during the Love Island Australia finale was the lack of a Casa Amor this season.

“It’s a shame there wasn’t a Casa Amor…” one fan Tweeted.

Another wrote a lengthy list of complaints: “Dear @LoveIslandAU & @Channel9 producers, for the love of God, give us a proper love island season! None of this prerecorded months in advance crap, no fake ‘superfans’ and bring back Casa Amor and proper live voting! Please, that’s all we ask! Thankyou ❤️”

love island australia finale
Fans were outraged that Casa Amor didn’t heppen this year on Love Island Australia. (Credit: Nine)

“I hated ex week on #LoveIslandAU Still can’t believe they replaced Casa Amor with Ex Week! Bring back Casa Amor!”

“Pre-recorded. No Casa. No public vote. The whole Super Fans thingy. The absolute worst season of #LoveIslandAU ever,” one fan shared.

Well, it looks like Love Island Australia Season 5 better have a Casa Amor otherwise the fans will NOT be happy…

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