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EXCLUSIVE: Locky Gilbert confesses Irena found it “hard to watch” him on SAS

"Looking at it, that person that they're showing, God, I hate him; he’s a cocky w*nker."
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Locky Gilbert was pipped at the post right before final selection in SAS Australia 2022.

WATCH: Locky Gilbert is dramatically culled on day 14 on SAS Australia

Following the season’s penultimate challenge which saw the final four recruits, Millie Boyle, Riana Crehan, Darius Boyd, and Locky, plunge into the ocean and navigate cliffs to a light house, the stars were tasked with choosing one of their own to be culled.

Millie and Locky both voted for number seven, Riana, while Darius and Riana both voted for number 10, Locky.

The tie had to be broken by the Directing Staff. In the end, they decided Locky was too much of a liability to stay on the course, and only the remaining three would progress to the final challenge.

Locky just missed out on passing selection on SAS. (Credit: Seven)

The cull understandably came as a blow to Locky who tells New Idea that his “body could have gone another two weeks”, but the DS’ priorities differed from his.

“They weren’t looking for that big alpha male that can get through all the tasks and do everything physically,” Locky told us, adding that they were seeking mental strength.

“Obviously I did everything physically, I passed most of the challenges and did all the bee stings, but unfortunately it wasn’t my physical capabilities that got me through it. They were looking for something else.”

Throughout the season, the recruit was continuously called ‘Cocky Locky’ and often berated by the DS. The Survivor alum confesses that reliving the experience has been a hard pill to swallow at times.

“Watching it back and seeing everything that I’m getting in trouble for which other people are getting praised for, yeah it’s definitely confusing.”

Millie, Riana, and Darius all passed. (Credit: Seven)

Many of his fellow recruits, including Millie Boyle, have even emphasised how little was shown of Locky’s helpful moments during the course.

“They’re like: ‘Oh wow, they really go to town on you’. But I thought I was quite helpful; I mean I helped everyone,” Locky says. “I taught Wayne Carey how to put on a heavy backpack. I was teaching people how to make fire.

“Looking at it, that person that they’re showing, God, I hate him; he’s a cocky w*nker. But unfortunately the 90% of me where I helped and I was pushing everyone to be better and stuff wasn’t really shown.”

What did, however, receive plenty of screen time was Locky’s feud with Fat Pizza star Pauly Fenech, who previously told New Idea that he felt the reality star was sinking the morale of the group by speaking about him behind his back.

Locky is quick to turn the tables back on the comedian.

“I can tell you now, there’s a reason why he’s not in any of the groups or doesn’t talk to anyone,” Locky says about Pauly.

During their time on the course, Locky and Pauly clashed. (Credit: Seven)

“It wasn’t me… he purposely stole socks, he stole Ebanie’s spoon; he was just there to make TV.

“I’ve got nothing bad to say against him. I know he’s out there attacking me personally, but he’s a good dude. He just didn’t get quite get the team too well,” he says, adding that there were some recruits that had “bigger blow ups” with Pauly than he did.  

While failing to pass selection came as a loss for Locky, the departure was certainly bittersweet as he got to reunite with his partner Irena Srbinovska, whom he met while appearing on The Bachelor.

Locky describes the reunion as “amazing”.

“It was the longest time we spent away from each other; we been in each other’s pockets ever since.”

Locky is loved up with Irena Srbinovska. (Credit: Instagram)

When asked if Irena has been watching Locky on SAS, the media personality tells New Idea the couple has been “quite busy”, but she has seen snippets.

“It has been a little bit hard to watch ‘cause she knows the real me,” he says, adding that it’s not coming across in an ideal manner.

One particular moment that had the potential to create friction with the couple was when Locky was accused of fake crying after receiving a message from Irena. The star reveals that while Irena only “saw a little bit of it”, she knows he “wasn’t faking it”.

“I don’t show emotion and I knew on the show that I had to have some sort of emotion because that’s what I lack. It wasn’t that I was faking it, I was trying to get myself to that emotion, because I don’t cry.

“It’s kind of funny how the whole thing about masculinity and stuff and it’s like, I’m there trying to be one with my feelings and then I’m getting bullied by the DS. Like, where are you meant to go with that? I’m clearly not faking; I’m clearly trying to show emotions and then I get torn down for that.”

“I’ve come off the show doubting myself more,” Locky said. (Credit: Seven)

Locky has certainly reinforced the fact he doesn’t face many mental struggles.

“I’ve gone through my whole life being confident… helpful… they call it a hero complex,” he tells New Idea.

But following his stint on SAS, the star confesses his bravado has been rattled.

“I’ve come off the show doubting myself more. I went on the show to kind of become a hero for my future kids. And to be that now, I’m like, is that even a good thing? Like, do I want to be a hero for my kids?”

So affected is Locky after SAS that he is taking a break from reality TV for a while.

“I don’t have the confidence that I usually do. I’ve definitely taken a backseat at the moment.”

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