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Lisa Curry reveals why Shane Gould will win ‘Australian Survivor’

She's endorsing the "tough, sly fox".

Former competitive swimmer Lisa Curry has taken to Instagram to reveal why she thinks Shane Gould will win  Australian Survivor for 2018.

In an image posted to Instagram, Lisa poses next to Shane with the ocean stretching out behind them. 

With Lisa dressed in a yellow raincoat, neon pink beanie, and beige scarf, it’s apparent that the image was taken during cold weather which she confirmed in her caption that read: “Shane Gould is tough. She swims every morning in Tasmania …. who would do that in that wintery waters !! Love watching the sly fox on Survivor!! Shane is my bet for the win ….”

Meanwhile, Shane posed in a black and orange wet suit with her hair drenched from the salty ocean. 

The 51-year-old appeared to be full of admiration for the 61-year-old reality TV show contestant. 

Shane is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer and a tough competitor. After taking home three gold medals, one silver and one bronze at the 1972 Munich Olympics, she retired from swimming at the age of 17 during the peak of her career. 

Despite this, the former athlete holds a number of world records including being the first swimmer to win five medals in five individual events at a single Olympic Games. 

Shane on Survivor (Credit: Network Ten)

Despite being a front-runner to win the show, Shane admitted last month that she considered quitting after being considered a ‘dead weight’ in the Champions tribe. 

Speaking to TV Week she revealed, “Before I stood up for myself, I did feel like leaving. I wasn’t enjoying it and couldn’t relate to anyone,”

“People have always been polite and treated me with respect, so it really shook me. It made me feel uncomfortable and disparaged,” she continued.

She has now warned that the other contestants should watch their backs as she considered a lot of them are “over-reliant on their physical strength” and aren’t being more self-aware. 

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