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Layla’s Big Brother confession: ‘There was so much negative energy’

"I was ready to go. I was ready to leave."
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Fans may have been disappointed after she became the first of the Big Brother Royalty Housemates to be evicted, but according to Layla Subritzky, she was more than happy to call time on her short stay in the Big Brother house.

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Speaking to New Idea, the bubbly Brit spilled that her second stint on the famous reality series was starkly different from her first time round way back in 2012 – and it wasn’t for the better.

“I was ready to go. I was ready to leave,” Layla said of her eviction.

Layla’s experience this time around was vastly different. (Credit: Seven)

“It was just so different from my 2012 experience, so I was ready to call it a day being in the house,” she admitted.

“I think being around those types of people constantly is just so draining. It’s turned into such a game – it’s so, so different.”

Having come out of the ninth season with “incredible relationships” with her former Housemates, Layla was hugely disappointed to learn that ten years on from her debut on the series, it was a vastly different ballgame.

“The biggest challenge for me was definitely readjusting to these new types of Housemates because I created such incredible relationships with my old Housemates back in 2012,” she explained, adding, “The old format was relying on the relationships [between Housemates] and that’s where all the fun happened. I think that was why it was so hard for me.”

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Upon entering the house after being in the sewer with Drew and Trevor, Layla says that she immediately felt as if she had a target on her back.

“I don’t know if it’s just because I came in so confidently happy, but boy, I don’t know. A couple of the Housemates just had really bad energy – like I just picked up on it straight away.

“I even said to the boys before we left the sewer, ‘Just look at people’s faces, you’ll be able to tell everything by the energy they give out when we walk in,’ and oh my gosh, we could just feel the energy – it was hectic!” she revealed.

Despite her disheartening experience with some of the Housemates, Layla added that she still managed to form friendships with two of her fellow OG contestants.

Layla bonded with fellow OG’s Trevor and Drew. (Credit: Seven)

“I really enjoyed my time with Drew and Trevor. We’d be in the sewer sitting there on our dirty mattresses, talking absolute codswallop about everything in life,” she laughed.

“But it was funny. We had a really, really good time together. And it doesn’t show Drew and I’s relationship much.

“We were following each other around the house like lost dogs because all the guys wanted to get rid of him and all the girls just wanted to get rid of me. We probably felt like we could go and talk to each other a lot.”

Layla said she’d love to start a YouTube channel with her brother, David. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite the somewhat negative experience, when asked if she would be willing to partake in another reality series – potentially alongside her brother, David Subritzky, who famously starred in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as fake celeb ‘The David’ – Layla said that’s something she’d definitely consider.

“My brother is so freaking hilarious,” she gushed. “Our family gatherings are so funny. We always say, ‘Oh my god, imagine if people could watch this!’

“I’m half tempted to create our own YouTube channel after receiving everyone’s messages. Everyone’s been saying my brother and I should work together, but I almost want to create the work ourselves and create our own channel!”

That’s certainly something we’d watch!

Big Brother airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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