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Jungle uproar! Dr Chris set to quit?

The former Bondi Vet has landed himself in hot water
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For years, Dr Chris Brown has managed to pull in viewers as the face of I’m A Celeb. But now, New Idea hears the 42-year-old could be calling it quits!

WATCH: Dr Chris Brown reveals he was rushed to hospital

Following a shock challenge, which saw campmate Toni Pearen bitten by snakes seven times, Chris has come under fire for appearing to stand by what some upset viewers have branded “animal abuse”.

“It’s not ideal!” admits a TV insider. “Having the co-host accused of standing by while animals are used in risky stunts could spell the end of his time on the show.

“If fans find Chris being on the show an issue, he might not want to stick around and lose credibility.”

Dr Chris Brown
I’m A Celeb’s Dr Chris Brown (pictured) has come under fire for what some viewers are branding “animal abuse”. (Credit: Network Ten)

Fans certainly haven’t held back in their criticism of the former Sydney-based vet, with 2021’s instalment bringing the shock factor with challenges involving animals.

“Once upon a time, Chris Brown was an animal-lover – a vet that would heal any creature if he could. Sadly, just to be on TV, he became smug and selfish,” said a former fan.

“The young snake would have been terrified, not being able to escape.”

Despite the backlash, a network spokesperson tells New Idea: “Working closely with the RSPCA, Network 10 and ITV Studios are committed to taking the welfare of animals very seriously. Expert animal wranglers are on set anytime an animal is present, to ensure they are handled calmly and safely.”

Toni Pearen
Campmate Toni Pearen (pictured) was bitten by a snake seven times. (Credit: Network Ten)

Julia slammed: ‘You’re a hypocrite!’

It’s not just Chris who has come under fire from disgruntled viewers – his co-host Julia Morris left fans fuming after she told The Project people shouldn’t comment on other’s bodies.

The 52-year-old was referring to Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield’s run-in with AFL legend, Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico, who suggested she shouldn’t be walking around the camp in a bikini. But many viewers took offence to Julia’s comments and argued she often makes remarks about the appearance of her co-host.

“So should Julia stop treating Dr Chris like meat? The double standards are ridiculous. Seriously, Julia,” sneered a fan.

Julia Morris Abbie Chatfield
Disgruntled viewers slammed Julia Morris (left) for defending Abbie Chatfield (right) despite her own saucy comments towards co-host Dr Chris Brown. (Credit: Network Ten)

Others piled in on Julia, noting her comedic persona had often used Chris’ looks as the basis for many of her gags.

In 2016, Julia was forced to defend herself after viewers said she was “sexist”. She insisted: “I’m not objectifying [Chris] when we muck around.”

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