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Hayley Love breaks her silence about Will Dwyer in a subtle dig

"[Daisy] would have a relationship with him if he wanted one."
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Hayley Love has broken her silence on Farmer Will Dwyer’s relationship with their daughter, Daisy, who was conceived during a brief relationship after they appeared on Farmer Wants A Wife in 2021.

WATCH BELOW: Hayley Love’s sly comments about Farmer Will Dwyer

Sharing new videos of her daughter on her Instagram Stories, the 26-year-old mum revealed Daisy had added an unlikely new word to her vocabulary; “dada”.

In a clip posted on Thursday, Daisy could be seen laying back in a cute romper and bib babbling away happily and saying the word “dada” very clearly.

“Not sure where you got ‘Dada’ from but you aint got one sis,” Hayley captioned the moment, followed by a clip of her encouraging little Daisy to say ‘mama’.

The videos were adorable, if a little tongue-in-cheek, but one follower didn’t take kindly to Hayley’s caption and lashed her in an angry DM.

hayley love slams will dwyer
Hayley responded to this vile DM she received regarding ‘Daisy’s dad’. (Credit: Instagram)

The former FWAW star screenshot the message and shared it to her stories, exposing the sender – a woman named Jenny – for her cruel attack.

“What an absolute c—t you are! She has a dad and you clearly won’t let her have anything to do with him,” Jenny wrote.

“This just shows everyone that! What a disgusting mother you are! What an absolute b—ch of a thing you did keeping a man from seeing his child. You should have kept your dirty legs closed you filthy c—t.”

The vile message left followers reeling and prompted Hayley to share a rare update on her and Daisy’s relationship with Farmer Will, though she kept the details vague.

hayley love daisy
Hayley poses with her baby girl. (Credit: Instagram)

“Obviously I haven’t spoken about behind the scenes with Daisy’s ‘dad’ because unfortunately it is still ongoing,” she penned.

“I very rarely get messages like this but honestly lol. She would have a relationship with him if he wanted one. That is all for now.”

The devoted mum appeared to be suggesting that Will doesn’t want to be involved with Daisy, who he still hasn’t publicly acknowledged.

However, some fans are convinced he shared a subtle response to Hayley’s comments on his own Instagram story on Thursday night.

will dwyer
Will shared a cryptic post to his story that appeared to be a reaction to Hayley’s claims. (Credit: Seven/Instagram)

Just hours after she called out “Daisy’s ‘dad’”, Will shared a post showing a man and a horse with the caption “Do the right thing even when no one is looking. It’s called integrity.”

While there’s no concrete evidence the post was aimed at Hayley, the timing was very convenient.

Will and Hayley shared a brief relationship after filming wrapped for Farmer Wants A Wife, Hayley only realising she was pregnant after they parted ways.

“On the 2nd April I left his house thinking, ‘I’m never coming back, I’m done.’ The next morning, I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was terrified to tell him,” she said in a statement while the show was airing last year. 

WATCH: Meet Farmer Wants A Wife’s Farmer Will

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However, Will distanced himself from her pregnancy and even suggested the child may not be his in a rare Instagram post addressing the situation in 2021.

Prior to Daisy’s birth, he publicly said “if in fact this is my child” he would “be there whenever the child needs me”.

But Hayley has implied that’s not the case, suggesting Will has a limited relationship with Daisy, if he has one at all. Will has not responded publicly.

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