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MAFS Harrison says producers told him: ‘If you leave, we don’t have a show’

He also said “the women are 100% being protected by the edit…”
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Harrison Boon has been involved with almost every drama that’s rocked this year’s Married At First Sight.

From having a girlfriend on the outside to defending Dan during the whole “butt dial” saga, Harrison has been repeatedly slammed online by MAFS fans for being “toxic”.

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But Harrison now claims that he wanted to leave Married At First Sight multiple times but producers wouldn’t let him. During an appearance on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, Harrison said:

“Yeah, I tried to leave week one… As much as people hate to admit it, if I wasn’t on the show it would be a very boring season. Right? I’ve definitely come in as the lightning rod for this season. I think I’ve got a big personality and I’m quite controversially outspoken, which is a good dynamic for the MAFS franchise, definitely.”

mafs harrison
Harrison claims that Married At First Sight producers said they wouldn’t have a show if he left. (Credit: Nine)

The Married At First Sight contestant then added, “There [were] other times through the experiment I also wanted to leave but, you know, I was basically told that, ‘If you leave, we don’t have a show.’ Like, ‘It’s just going to be the other cast members and there’ll be no one in there to sort of create that friction which is essentially what we need.’”

Harrison went on to say that a lot has been edited out of MAFS; especially the behaviour of multiple female contestants.

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“The thing is there’s so much of Sandy’s behaviour that doesn’t get shown, like if you actually watch the show this year. And I think I can say this broadly now. The women are 100% being protected by the edit.”

“There is so much of Bronte’s behaviour we don’t see, so much of Claire’s behaviour we don’t see. So much of Sandy’s behaviour that we don’t see. Lyndall’s behaviour we don’t see,” Harrison continued.

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