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Wild fan theories take hold after Benjamin’s shock FWAW exit

When will we know the truth?
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Benjamin’s sudden exit from Farmer Wants A Wife the week before the finale has sparked an outpouring of bizarre fan theories about why he “really” left the show.

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Facebook pages and online forums have exploded with outlandish claims that Benjamin is a “secret polygamist” who left the show because he couldn’t pick between his final three.

Others have suggested the real reason for his shock exit was a major health battle, though none of these fan theories have been verified.

Someone claiming to be a close friend of Benjamin’s told So Dramatic that the stress of filming took a huge toll on his health and he had a stroke that forced him to pull out.

“He had a breakdown during filming and it led to a stroke. He had been under extreme pressure and stress,” said the insider.

“He wasn’t coping and it manifested in a total breakdown… thankfully he’s now getting better.”

Online forums have exploded with outlandish claims about Benjamin’s exit. (Credit: Seven)

According to the source, Benjamin woke up one morning unable to speak properly – a common symptom seen in stroke victims.

A local from Benjamin’s hometown of Guyra also claimed the farmer had suffered a stroke after being “put through the wringer” by producers.

“He couldn’t handle [the drama],” they said, adding that Benjamin was “too sick” to continue filming.

However, there is no evidence to prove So Dramatic’s reports and the claims are totally at odds with what viewers saw in Benjamin’s final episode.

On Monday night he told his final girls that he had to leave after receiving devastating news about his grandma’s health.

Benjamin his final girls that he had to leave after receiving devastating news about his grandma’s health. (Credit: Seven)

“I’ve just got off the phone with my dad. I need to be with him and my family. I feel horrid that I have to jump ship right now, leave the ladies alone,” he said.

He didn’t return on the show and hasn’t posted to social media since the official FWAW posts about his exit were shared to his Instagram page.

While the rumours will likely continue until the finale, fans are hoping to see Benjamin return in the FWAW reunion on Tuesday and share an update of his own.

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