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Farmer Wants A Wife cast plagued by shock cheating rumours

Déjà vu anyone?
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Rumours surrounding an alleged affair among Farmer Wants A Wife cast members have slowly begun to grow, following a fan’s inside scoop. 

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In scenes reminiscent of last year’s cheating scandal that rocked the FWAW crew, it is believed that two contestants had a brief ‘affair’ during taping. 

A fan of the show shared a recent encounter they had with Marty in the So Dramatic! Community Facebook group – dishing the dirt on what happened on the farm when cameras weren’t rolling. 

The fan spoke with Marty, who left the farm after just one day with Farmer Paige following “health concerns.” 

“He didn’t hold back talking about the show,” the viewer explained in the Facebook comment.

“He said he wasn’t really into Paige, and nor were any of the other guys.” 

Farmer Wants a wife
Farmer Wants A Wife has started off with a bang this year! (Credit: Instagram)

Despite a number of supposed red flags during the debut episode’s speed-dating round, where Marty spoke about his love of betting, he made it into Farmer Paige’s top four and joined her on the farm. 

However, his time on the show was cut short, deciding to leave due to health concerns. 

“Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to make it back to the farm at the moment,” he told Paige through a phone call.

“You got a few good blokes there so I think you’ll be all right. Good luck with everything and hopefully one of those boys is the one.”

Marty left the show quite quickly, citing ‘health concerns.’ (Credit: Channel Seven)

The fan claims Marty revealed that when filming the show it got to a point where he “didn’t want to be there anymore,” and that producers “concocted a story to get him off the show.” 

In the juicy conversation. The fan also claims Marty told them that he had “hooked up” with another farmer’s girl. 

The news comes just days after fans spotted a massive Farmer Wants A Wife Spoiler.

Farmer Wants a wife
We haven’t seen this guy! (Credit: Seven Network)

Eagle-eyed fans spotted an obvious clue in the season’s trailer which indicates Farmer Paige is set to be introduced to a few more hopeful bachelors.

In the trailer, only one of her current contenders – 26-year-old carpenter Glen – is visible. 

The two other men featured in the footage seem to be ‘intruders’ – with viewers left scratching their heads at who the tattooed fair-haired man and a second blond gentleman are.

Farmer Wants a Wife airs Sunday-Tuesday on Channel Seven and 7plus.

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