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Have the Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 winners leaked already?

Only read on if you want a potential spoiler…
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Farmer Wants A Wife has returned in 2023 and Channel 7 has promised that this year, all of its farmers will find love.

Of course, fans are excited to see which lucky lady each farmer ends up with but super fans have already guessed who ends up with who. How?

WATCH: Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 trailer

By using a tried and tested method: looking at betting websites like Sportsbet and TAB.

Betting odds have correctly predicted the outcomes of multiple shows – like The Bachelor, SAS Australia and Big Brother. In fact, it’s a popular belief that these betting sites are given information about various series (including who wins) early, in order to inform their betting odds.

Therefore, all fans need to do to know who’ll win their favourite reality show is to look at whoever’s at the top of the betting leaderboard. Case in point: Farmer Wants A Wife.

farmer wants a wife
Apparently, Andrew & Claire and Brad & Clare will end up together… (Credit: Seven)

Currently, it looks like Farmer Andrew will end up with Claire, as on Sportsbet she’s the favourite to win at odds of $1.62.

Farmer Brad will likely end up with Clare as Sportsbet has given her odds of $1.57.

Sitting on top of Sportsbet’s board for Farmer Brenton is Sophie with odds of $1.35.

farmer wants a wife
And supposedly, Brenton & Sophie, Matt & Olivia and David & Emily will end up together! (Credit: Seven)

According to Sportsbet, Farmer Matt will end up with Olivia; she currently has odds of $1.50.

As for Farmer David, Emily is the frontrunner for his heart with odds of $1.70.

If you plan on gambling, please do so responsibly. And if you or someone you know is affected, for free and confidential support call 1800 858 858 or visit

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