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Caitlyn Jenner’s SHOCK exit from Big Brother VIP!

"I've got to move on."
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Big Brother VIP has seen no shortages of bombshells, but Monday’s episode still left fans shocked when its most famous contender, Caitlyn Jenner, selflessly evicted herself in order to save her fellow Housemates.

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In an emotional episode that had us reaching for the tissues, Big Brother gathered all the Housemates to announce that they would need to get ready for a glamorous VIP event.

After dressing up to the nine, the Housemates then found themselves in the Big Brother Art Gallery, filled with iconic images from each of them.

Big Brother surprised Housemates with a major twist. (Credit: Seven)

After nibbles and champagne, the VIPs were asked to explain the story behind the photographs.

Former MAFS star Jessika Power spoke candidly about her mother and raising her siblings, while Dayne Beams who discussed his art career following addiction struggles. Meanwhile, Caitlyn teared up seeing the famous image of herself winning gold at the Olympics.

After the heartfelt gallery viewing, the celebrities returned to the lift, where – of course – it had suspiciously became stuck once again.

True to form, Big Brother then announced a major twist – there was to be a flash eviction at that very moment, with each VIP needing to plead their case to stay. Until they decided who will be leaving, they would remain in the elevator.

Each Housemate was told to plead their case to stay. (Credit: Seven)

As the Housemates debated how they would decide who would be evicted, they asked each other if they were all happy to be in the house.

“I’m living out my childhood dream, to win $100,000 for my kids so they can live out their childhood dream, so I’m staying,” Jessika explained.

Imogen Anthony added, “I’d like to stay,” while Ellie Gonsalves concurred, saying, “You’ll have to drag me out of here.”

Being the newest Housemate, Danny Hayes was asked about his thoughts on the situation.

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Danny explained, “My game plan I had blew out the window when I met everyone.”

He added, “I’ve tried to get to make an effort know everyone in the 48 hours since I’ve been here and I’m a fighter – my charity is Lifeline – and I’m going to fight to stay here.”

Realising that there was no end in sight for the snap eviction, Caitlyn then made the shock decision to evict herself from the Big Brother house.

“When I came here, I really looked forward to meeting everybody – I love people,” she began.

“It’s been such a pleasure during this last week that we’ve been together. To be honest, I don’t want to let anybody down. I love all you guys.”

“I’ve had a wonderful time, but it’s time to move on.” (Credit: Seven)

“My charity is Trans Pride Australia – I want to help my charities, so I would personally take care of them, but I have to think of the bigger picture,” Caitlyn continued.

“For the last three months, I’ve been working on a campaign trying to take over the fifth-largest economy in the world – California – and I have a lot of people working for me trying to pull this off, whatever happens, I’m okay with.

“I’ve had a wonderful time, but it’s time to move on. Do I want to do it? No. But do I have to do it? Yes.

“I’ve got to move on,” the Olympian concluded, adding, “I’ve had so much fun meeting you, we’re going to be friends forever.”

“I have a lot of respect for you as a person.” (Credit: Seven)

Following Caitlyn taking one for the team, her fellow Housemates bid an emotional farewell to the star, with one heartfelt moment, in particular, having us feeling all the emotions.

As Caitlyn packed her belongings, AFL star Dayne Beams approached her to say a few words before her departure.

“Before you go I just wanted to say that you’ve just reinforced what I’ve been thinking about my life for the last three years and that’s just to be true to you,” Dayne explained.

“I have a lot of respect for you as a person.”

Caitlyn replied, “Do you!”

“It takes a huge amount of courage to do what she has done.” (Credit: Seven)

Speaking in the diary room, Dayne continued to heap praise upon the star, saying, “She resembles everything I stand for as a person – being authentic and true to yourself. 

“It takes a huge amount of courage to do what she has done. I have a lot of respect for the decisions that she’s made based on feeling like who she truly is.”

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