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Fans DIVIDED over Big Brother winner: ‘I’m getting deja vu from last year!’

Viewers had something to say about the result!
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After two months of scheming, blindsiding and secret missions, the winner of Big Brother Australia 2021 has finally been crowned. And, needless to say, viewers have something to say about the result.

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Tonight’s Big Brother Australia finale went ahead at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion with more than half of this season’s 26 housemates making an appearance, some albeit virtually.

While a live audience was supposed to be attendance, the recent developments with regards to COVID meant that viewers had to watch from home as Marley won the reality show.

Nevertheless, from the comfort of their own lounges, viewers have made their thoughts on the winner loud and clear, heading to social media to voice their opinions.

Scroll down to see all the reactions from this year’s Big Brother finale.

The public has spoken! (Credit: Channel Seven)

The top three housemates were decided by one final challenge, courtesy of Big Brother of course, during Monday night’s episode.

Although he passed the first few obstacles with flying colours, master manipulator Ari stumbled at the final hurdle, eventually losing the challenge to Marley.

After that, Marley was able to choose one housemate to eliminate from the competition, and he sent Ari packing.

As a result, it was Marley, Christina and Sarah Jane fighting it out for the public’s favour. And all had their own motivation for taking out top spot.

In the end, it was up to the public to decide who they wanted to win the prize. And decide, they did.

Congratulations to Marley!

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