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Big Brother’s biggest stars! Where are they now?

We take a look at some of the show's most famous faces.
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When it comes to Big Brother alumni, some fade well and truly into obscurity while others go on to have quite a successful career. 

We’re taking a look at some of the reality show’s most famous faces and what they’re up to since appearing on the show. 

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Scroll down to see what ten of the biggest former Big Brother stars are up to these days.

reggie bird
Reggie Bird has had quite the rough ride. (Left: Getty | Right: Instagram)

Reggie Bird

Winner of the third season of the show in 2003, Reggie has grappled with becoming legally blind and caring for her son Lucas, ten, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

Reggie also split from her husband Dale Sorenson in 2012 and has struggled with depression

“I just couldn’t handle the world. But I got over all that, and now you just have to make the most of each day. You have to keep going,” she shared on social media.

Reggie had previously expressed interest in returning to Big Brother, and her wish came true as she was cast in the 2022 season as “Big Brother royalty”.

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The reality television favourite then went on to make history as the only person to win Big Brother twice, much to the elation of her fans everywhere. 

“I can’t believe this. Thank you to everyone who voted for me,” she said at the time. 

“I’m gonna use that money to put a roof over our heads.”

sara marie fedele
“I haven’t been in hibernation, I just didn’t care to be known” Sara-Marie revealed. (Both: Channel Ten)

Sara-Marie Fedele

Sara-Marie Fedele became famous on Big Brother for the bum dance and bunny ears and later appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, Totally Wild, and even appeared on an episode of John Safran Vs God.

Sara-Marie also welcomed a daughter in April 2015, but when she turned 40 underwent a hysterectomy after suffering bad pain.

“I knew at the time I wasn’t having any more children,’ Sara-Marie told Mamamia, adding that she’d had endometriosis and cysts throughout her life but the hysterectomy “went terribly wrong.”

Fortunately, Sara-Marie confirmed she’s since recovered and is “blessed to be back to normal.” She’s currently living in Perth and studying to be a teacher’s aide for children with special needs. 

“I haven’t been in hibernation, I just didn’t care to be known,” she added.” “I’m still the same person before, but a grown-up version. I did what I did and then I was happy to go.”

Blair McDonough
Big Brother OG fan-favourite Blair is now a family man! (Credit: Channel Ten/ Instagram)

Blair McDonough

Blair McDonough was the runner-up of the inaugural season of Big Brother. The fan-favourite went on to star in Neighbours from 2001 to 2006, dating his co-star Delta Goodrem. He then headed overseas and appeared on various reality TV shows in the UK.

He also featured in police drama Heartbeat before his stint on Sea Patrol and Winners & Losers.

In 2017, he had guest role in Home and Away. He is now married with two kids.

big brother hotdogs
Otherwise known as Simon Deering, Hotdogs is one of the most well-known BB contestants for his nudie run in the house. (Left: Channel Ten | Right: Channel Seven)


Otherwise known as Simon Deering, Hotdogs is one of the most well-known BB contestants for his nudie run in the house.

Rumoured to be dead at one point, Simon is in fact alive and well in WA working for real estate agent Purplebricks.

Chrissie Swan
Chrissie Swan went on to be one of the most successful ex-Big Brother housemates. (Left: Channel Ten | Right: Getty)

Chrissie Swan

Chrissie was known for coming in second place behind Reggie Bird on Big Brother’s third season, but these days she’s a high-profile media personality hosting Nova’s The Chrissie Swan Show

She’s also currently a judge on The Masked Singer alongside Dave Hughes, Mel B, and Abbie Chatfield. 

Prior to that, Chris was a co-host on Chrissie, Sam, and Browny on Nova 100 with Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown. 

Chrissie is also a regular on The Project and has previously appeared in TV shows Can of Worms, I’m a Celeb, The Great Australian Spelling Bee, and Long Lost Family

In 2021, Chrissie split from her partner of 15 years and the father of her three children – Leo, Kit, and Peggy – Chris Saville. 

Speaking with our sister publication the Australian Women’s Weekly in February 2022, Chrissie said the pair were still “very good friends.”

“We still live together. We talk all the time. So it’s not really that different.”

“We are both so family-orientated and we are 100 percent committed to those kids. We are a really great unit, the five of us together, so it’s a great set-up and a good scenario for all of us.”

Fitzy had a career in AFL but, since his appearance on the show, he’s gone on to become a well-known media personality. (Left: Channel Ten | Right: Instagram)

Ryan Fitzgerald

Before Big Brother, Fitzy had a career in AFL but since his appearance on the show, he’s gone on to become a well-known media personality, co-hosting Nova’s hugely successful drive show Fitzy and Wippa, and often seen on our TV screens.

In 2021 he made his acting debut on House Husbands and in 2016 he joined his radio co-host Michael Wipfli to host the Nine Network show 20 to 1. 

Fitzy married his longtime love Belinda Irons in 2008 and the pair went on to welcome sons Hewston, 13, and Lennox, 10 into the world. 

constance hall
Constance first appeared on the show when she was just 21 and captured the nation with her outspoken personality. (Left: Channel Ten | Right: Instagram)

Constance Hall

Constance first appeared on Big Brother when she was just 21 and captured the nation with her outspoken personality, going on to become a huge social media success with her own blog, clothing line, and books.

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In 2019, she appeared on Dancing with the Stars and is well known for her frank and open posts about the challenges of her growing family on her mummy blog Constance and Tribe.

She’s also the owner and creator of fashion brand Queen the Label.  

skye wheatley
Skye Wheatley is now the mother of two children. (Left: Channel Nine | Right: Instagram)

Skye Wheatley

Skye Wheatley was known for being a bundle of energy on season eleven of Big Brother and, since placing third, has created quite the name for herself as an influencer and Youtuber.

Skye is also now a mum of two sons, Forest and Bear, with her partner Lachlan Waugh whom she co-owns fashion label Good People Apparel with.

tully smythe
Tully caused quite the stir during her time in the house. (Left: Channel Nine | Right: Instagram)

Tully Smyth 

We can’t forget Tully Smyth from season ten of Big Brother. Her controversial relationship with Drew got tongues wagging all over the place as the then-25-year-old cheated on her girlfriend while in the house.

Nowadays, Tully is killing the Instagram game, having accumulated over 220,000 followers. She is also a blogger and podcast host. Though, sadly for some fans, her relationship with Drew is no more. 

drew big brother
Drew is still rocking a man bun. (Left: Channel Nine | Right: Instagram)

Drew Anthony 

And, of course, the other half of the 2013 cheating scandal, Mr. Drew Anthony. This housemate was one of the most popular additions to the Big Brother house in season ten, placing fourth in the end.

Now, the genetically-blessed former reality star is putting his good lucks to use through his modelling career. AND he’s still rocking the man bun. Phew. 

Tim is enjoying a life outside the spotlight these days. (Credit: Instagram)

Tim Dormer

Arguably one of the most strategic players we’ve ever witnessed in the series’ history, Tim Dormer’s scheming skills secured him the win in 2013. 

He went on the star in The Celebrity Apprentice, Big Brother Canada (and the 2022 season of Big Brother Australia) and now hosts his very own podcast The Big Mouth. 

Nowadays, Tim is working as a disability support career, something he describes as “really rewarding.”

“Support care work is such a diverse spectrum of care because all the clients have different care needs,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle in June 2023. 

“But you’d be surprised how much of a difference you can make in someone’s life just by showing up.”

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