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Bernard Curry’s beef with Danny: “He came in chucking grenades”

The Aussie actor dished on his rivalry with The General on Big Brother VIP.
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In Tuesday night’s episode of Big Brother VIP, all eyes were on the epic showdown between Wentworth actor Bernard Curry and former Big Brother star Danny Hayes.

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After The General declared war against Bernie, the gloves were off as the pair aimed to oust each other out of the Big Brother Hotel.

Following another gruelling challenge, it was Bernie who came out on top, with the former Home and Away star telling Big Brother his determination to win “was absolutely about beating Danny.”

With Danny up for eviction, the late contender pleaded his case to his celebrity Housemates – but it wasn’t enough to save him, and he was sent packing.

Danny’s plan to get Bernie evicted failed. (Credit: Seven)

Despite Danny’s exit being a major win for Bernie, the victory was short-lived, with Bernie being sent home in Wednesday night’s eviction.

Now, Bernard Curry has dished all the goss behind the pair’s fiery showdown to New Idea – and he certainly didn’t hold back on his thoughts about Danny’s explosive game strategy!

“We did actually get along pretty well, but at the same time, he came in all guns blazing,” Bernie explained of his relationship with his Housemate.

“I get that Danny understood that the function of him being there was to set the cat amongst the pigeons – to come in and blow it up.

Bernie was targeted by Danny in the Big Brother Hotel. (Credit: Seven)

“So he basically came in with a belt full of grenades and just started chucking them around and to be honest with you, I actually thought that made a few errors in that.”

Bernie explained that Danny’s attitude upon his arrival left the rest of the Housemates – who had spent the previous weeks bonding with another – feeling uncomfortable.

“He came in and put everyone on edge and everyone just thought, ‘this is an energy that we don’t really need in the Hotel’. He came in with this whole high anxiety, high energy vibe that put a lot of people on edge and put people against him.”

The actor went on to say that had Danny “played his card a little more chilled out” he likely would have made it further than he did.

Bernie said Danny “put everybody on edge”. (Credit: Seven)

“If he came in and assimilated a little and investigated if there were any cracks in the fabric of the game and who was in there, he might’ve done slightly better, but he really did put everybody on edge by coming in and talking trash.”

As for the pair’s on-screen rivalry, Bernie is adamant that the drama was solely pushed by Danny.

“In the end, it was a big competition, but only because he came in and singled me out from the get-go,” Bernie explained.

“The first thing he says to me is, ‘Bernie, if I win the nomination challenge, I’m gonna put you up for nomination.’ And I’m like, okay Evil Knievel, simmer down!’

Danny made no secret of his plot to take Bernie down. (Credit: Seven)

“He just came in just chucking grenades and ran, and that, to me, was slightly unnecessary.”

However, despite his clash with the reality star, Bernie revealed that he was left pleasantly surprised by one of his celebrity Housemates.

“Caitlyn Jenner was a great surprise,” he said. “She was really committed for the time that she was there and she committed to getting to know everybody and was always very open and honest.

“She wasn’t precious or princess – she was sleeping in the same room as us, she woke up and looked kind of messy in the morning like all of us and it was great!

“It was great to see someone who is so famous be so real.”

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