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Meet the contestants on Big Brother Australia: House of Love

This season has a dating show spin.
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The mysterious voice of Big Brother Australia is back and bigger than ever, with Channel Seven revealing that this year’s season will be the “spiciest season yet!”

If you’re wondering how they’re going to beat last year, here’s the answer: only single contestants are allowed. This means we’re going to see steamy alliances and even more heartbreaking betrayals.

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When is the premiere date for Big Brother Australia 2023?

Big Brother: House of Love Australia returned to our screens on November 6, 2023, on Channel Seven and 7Plus. Airing four times a week from Monday to Thursday from 7:30pm. 

Big Brother Uncut is released weekly on 7Plus following every Thursday episode.

Big Brother Australia 2023 host Sonia Kruger. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Who is hosting Big Brother Australia 2023?

It wouldn’t be Big Brother without Gold Logie award-winning host Sonia Kruger, who has been on the show for more than a decade!

Keeping the contestants on their toes with her experience on Dancing With The Stars and The Voice.

Sonia will balance out Big Brother’s ominous presence with her upbeat, mischievous personality.

Big Brother water challenge in 2020. (Credit: Channel Seven)

What are the challenges for Big Brother Australia 2023?

Providing “heart-stopping challenges,” including a giant thong knocking a contestant in the pool, contestants trying to have a date while balls fall from the sky, contestants getting dumped with mysterious liquids and powders, and of course, steamy kissing tasks. Plus, the original tasks we know and love are back! 

According to Seven’s Head of Scheduling Brook Hall, despite the challenges, the show is returning to its raw roots, focusing on the housemates rather than the high-stakes reward tests. 

“There won’t be so much gameplay, it’ll go back to more Big Brother from the past. It was becoming almost Survivor-esque. During COVID we had control over it, it was amazing. But we’ve now thought there’s so much in that space, let it be more raw Big Brother,” he shared with TV Tonight ahead of the new season launch. 

Reggie Bird won Big Brother for the second time in a row in 2022. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Who won Big Brother Australia 2022?

Reggie Bird won Big Brother Australia in 2022, becoming the first contestant to win twice!

The mother of two used all the money for rent, to keep a roof over her kids’ heads. Applauded for playing an honest and authentic game, will this year’s winner follow suit?

What is the prize money for Big Brother Australia 2023? 

This year, the housemates will all be vying to get their hands on a cool $100,000 in prize money, as well as each other. 

Big Brother Australia 2022 filming location. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Where was Big Brother Australia 2023 filmed?

Season 14 was filmed in Sydney’s Olympic Park and previous seasons were filmed in Sydney Harbour’s North Head.

Who are the contestants for Big Brother Australia 2023

These 15 singles are young, hot, and ready to mingle! Meet the housemates below. 

Maddi-rose (Credit: Instagram)


Red bombshell Maddi-Rose explains that her hair colour has “100% made her more fiery.”

“I’m bringing the fun, the flirt and the fabulous,” she laughed. “Come here boys.” 

You can follow Maddi-Rose on Instagram here.

Oli Walton (Credit: Instagram)

Oli Walton

Oli is ready to make the girls swoon with his killer smile, especially his type, blond girls.

“If I want something I’ll get it,” he teased with a laugh. “Everything’s a competition.”

You can follow Oli on Instagram here.

Bella Sommers (Credit: Instagram)

Bella Sommers 

Bella is entering the Big Brother house with a plan in place: to spice things up. 

“Some girls aren’t my biggest fans, because they think I’m going to steal their man. [But] if I want something, at the end of the day I’m going to go for it, I’ll still get what I want,” the aspiring model shared in her pre-show interview. 

You can follow Bella on Instagram here.

TeeJay Halkias (Credit: Instagram)

Tee Jay Halkias

We’re sure some of the single girls in the Big Brother house will be thrilled to see this intruder come inside!

This 26-year-old from Brisbane has his green eyes on the prize, but only time will tell if he means the prize money or true love with another housemate…

You can follow Teejay on Instagram here.

Minnie Marx (Credit: Instagram)

Minnie Marx 

This bubbly blonde has described being cast as a housemate as a “dream come true,” hinting that the new season will be equal parts hot AND juicy!

You can follow Minee on Instagram here.

Josh Everett (Credit: Instagram)

Josh Everett 

Could this smooth-talking model leave our ladies lost for words in the Big Brother house? Or will his charm wane thin as he is forced to remain in close proximity with his fellow housemates? 

You can follow Josh on Instagram here. 

Taylah Davies (Credit: Instagram)

Taylah Davies 

She’s beautiful, she’s brains and she’s a sheep farmer too! 

Describing herself as a “bogan princess”, Taylah is ready for whatever her fellow housemates throw her way. 

The single mum of one is loud, chaotic, and ready to play the game hard, no matter the cost. 

You can follow Taylah on Instagram here. 

Jake Vella (Credit: Instagram)

Jake Vella 

This Victorian carpenter is a flirt and unafraid to admit it. 

According to the 25 year old, he plans on minimal clothing whilst in the house, and is rather goofy by nature, saying that “you’ll get a lot of blonde moments out of me.”

You can follow Jake on Instagram here. 

Anna-Sophia Lambrou (Credit: Instagram)

Anna – Sophia Lambrou 

This 30-year-old luxury fashion manager from NSW describes herself as a “devil in disguise” and plans on charming her way through the game, and away from evictions!

You can follow Anna-Sophia on Instagram here. 

Luke Hallinan (Credit: Instagram)

Luke Hallinan 

A bogan bloke through and through, Luke is every bit as sensitive as he is cheeky. 

The 33-year-old is keen to make the most out of his Big Brother experience and is looking forward to building relationships within the house. 

You can follow Luke on Instagram here. 

Annelise Drake (Credit: Instagram)

Annelise Drake

This 24-year-old pilates instructor and former Disney princess is more than just a pretty face and plans to play “hard to get” whilst in the Big Brother house. 

She also describes herself as “the friend you send up to the bouncer to get you to the front of the queue.”

You can follow Annelise on Instagram here. 

Zach Davis (Credit: Instagram)

Zach Davis 

You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy! 

Born and bred in the regional Victorian town of Colac, professional Painter Zach is ready to put an end to his “dry spell” and showcase his self-depricating sense of humour. 

You can follow Zach on Instagram here. 

Quan (Credit: Instagram)


As one of the oldest castmates this season, Quan is ready to skip the small talk and get straight to the point. 

According to Quan, her lack of a filter has gotten her into some trouble dating-wise in the past, but she loves not caring what anyone thinks about her – you go girl!

You can follow Quan on Instagram here. 

Louis Phillips (Credit: Instagram)

Louis Phillips 

A real-life Prince Charming, this 24-year-old Social Media Manager is the complete package. 

Gorgeous smile, emotionally intelligent and kind-hearted – what’s not to love?

You can follow Louis on Instagram here. 

Graciemae Sinclair (Credit: Instagram)

Graciemae Sinclair 

This gorgeous girl has friends in high places like the Sebastian family, working as a Personal Assistant from Sydney. 

The 24-year-old describes herself as “the mum” from Meet the Fockers, a likely “witch” and a practicing psychic. 

The question is, will her intuition guide her through to the finale?

You can follow Graciemae on Instagram here. 

Dion Prasad (Credit: Instagram)

Dion Prasad 

This 26 year old recently retired from his time touring the country as a male stripper, now working as a lighting designer in Victoria. 

Charismatic, and ready for some fun, Dion sees the Big Brother house as the perfect singles playground and is a so-called sucker for a “beautiful brunette.”

You can follow Dion on Instagram here. 

Tay and Ari (Credit: Channel Seven)

Tay and Ari 

Tay (23) and Ari (20) are both Social Media Influencers, calling the sunny state of Queensland home. 

Sure to stir up double the trouble in the Big Brother house, they are sure to turn up the heat for their fellow housemates, especially considering they will be playing as one housemate!

You can follow Tay on Instagram here and Ari on Instagram here. 

Lewis Beers (Credit: Instagram)

Lewis Beers

This sweet-talking carpenter from Victorian is definitely the type of guy you’d like to take home to your mum!

Ever charismatic, Lewis is a guy who likes challenging heterosexual male norms and is equal parts happy and at home painting his nails as he his playing a game of footy. 

You can follow Lewis on Instagram here. 

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