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Big Brother’s Christina shuts down cheating rumours!

"I would never stoop this low."
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Big Brother Australia 2021 has had a shortage of on-air love stories, that is until intruder Brenton entered the house and struck up a fling with flight attendant Christina. 

Before his elimination, the pair had a brief romance which resulted in a late night kiss and cuddle. However, recent reports of infidelity threatened to undo the showmance altogether. 

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It’s time to start counting how many times the words “secret partner” are used with regards to reality TV contestants. First it was Married At First Sight’s Bryce Ruthven’s “secret girlfriend” that everyone was investigating, now Big Brother’s Christina has been accused of having a “secret boyfriend” on the outside. 

The report was made by So Dramatic!’s Megan Pustetto. Sharing a photo of Christina with her alleged secret boyfriend Trent to Instagram, Megan wrote: “Big Brother’s Christina Podolyano has been hiding a secret boyfriend named Trent waiting for her outside the Big Brother house during filming despite her romance with Brenton Balicki inside the house! 😱

“Christina is still dating Trent now! 🥰 His mum recently posted photos of them together and they have shared photos from their holidays as early as 2019 and as recent as 2020! 🤗”

But before you worry that we have another Tully and Drew or Cat and Lawson situation on our hands, don’t stress too much as both accused parties have denied the allegations. 

Christina has denied that she was dating Trent throughout her time on Big Brother. (Credit: Instagram | @sodramaticpodcast_)

Christina herself took to the comments section to clarify things, writing, “We dated from 2019-2020 😂😂😂 this is so confusing we dated way before big brother I would never stoop this low to cheating Jesus Christ very uncalled for!”

The alleged “secret boyfriend” also had something to say, penning, “What a joke 😂 me and Chrissy are mates. We were both single when this was being filmed. Very single obviously.. Time to find a new story :)”

While Christina is currently appearing on our screens, filming for Big Brother wrapped a while ago – with the finale to be filmed live at a later date.

This means that lovebirds Brenton and Christina have had time to reunite since their stint on the show. And, while he refused to give too much away, the professional chef teased that things aren’t over between him and the flight attendant.

Brenton was eliminated from the house on Monday night’s episode. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Speaking with Now To Love, Brenton gave a vague but promising answer to the question of whether he and Christina are still together, stating, “Once the game finishes we’ll evaluate the situation and see what happens from there”.

Regardless of whether they’ve made it work, it’s clear the 31-year-old has nothing but admiration for Christina, gushing to New Idea about how loyal she was while he was in the house, even when it posed a massive risk. 

Christina and Brenton shared a late night kiss and cuddle while in the house. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I’d love to see Christina win. Out of everyone that I was in the house with she was there for me from the very beginning,” Brenton told us.

“It felt like maybe at times being with me was a disadvantage to her and she could have just bailed on the idea at any point, but she stuck through it and never let me down.

“So I think playing an honest game like that and supporting me through the whole game definitely deserves my vote.”

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