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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Brenton reveals the conflict “too intense to be aired”

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Big Brother Australia 2021 is all about strategy. In fact, the only whiff of romance viewers have received this season has been a budding romance between intruder Brenton Balicki and flight attendant Christina Podolyan.

But right when things were heating up between the two, Brenton got the boot. Figures. 

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After Marley, Mary, Tilly, Charlotte and Adriana won the nominations challenge, the victors placed Sarah Jane, Christina and Brenton up for eviction.

Ultimately, despite his cooking chops, it was the latecomer Brenton, 31, that was sent packing from the competition. 

Although his romance with Christina potentially had a hand in his elimination, the professional chef attests he has no regrets about how things played out. 

Big brother brenton
Brenton has said goodbye to the Big Brother house. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I definitely don’t regret that part of it,” Brenton tells New Idea, referring to his relationship with Christina, “I think I could have gone home anyway regardless of whether I was with Christina or not.

“I think it’s pretty clear that the intruders are getting picked off one by one, especially anyone that’s got physical abilities.”

Despite having only been in the competition for a short period of time, Brenton has occupied a lot of on-screen real estate; though, the same can’t be said for other contestants. 

The 31-year-old has shared his own opinion as to why some housemates are occupying the spotlight more than others. 

“I think everyone in there is chosen for a reason and some people have really grabbed that by the horns and taken on their character. And I think other people have not really got involved with the nature of the game and why they’re there and have just kind of stepped back,” Brenton explains.

“I think also there’s a lot of strong personalities in the house and a lot of people can’t keep up with that, they just feel intimidated, they feel a little bit insecure or self conscious.

“It’s a crazy place and it’s not for everyone and there’s so much that doesn’t make an episode, why would you include something that isn’t a really exaggerated version of that person? You’re going to choose the most intense moments of the day, the funniest moments of the day, and unless you’re that person involved in that story then why would you ever get shown?”

Brenton revealed he doused Danny with washing liquid after he caught the real estate agent hiding peanut butter. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Speaking of things that aren’t shown, Brenton confesses that there have been a lot of moments that haven’t made it to air.

The chef remembers the time he doused Danny with washing liquid after the real estate agent hid the peanut butter for himself. What is it with this house and peanut butter?

Brenton also fondly recalls a cooking challenge he did with Mary Kalifatidis that was left on the cutting room floor. Though, the 31-year-old confesses that, although he loves the mother hen, he and Mary did have their “conflict in the kitchen”.

“We both spent a lot of time there (in the kitchen) and very obviously that was her domain before I showed up,” Brenton explains.

“I’ve worked in kitchens professionally for almost 10 years and when I went in there I was expecting to be able to run it like it was mine.

“I’ve never liked being told what to do so being told how to behave in the kitchen was kind of a double whammy like, being told what to do and also in a domain that I’ve considered to be mine for so long.”

But, it turns out, any kitchen territory tiffs were tame in comparison to what else was going on behind the scenes.

Brenton and Christina struck up a romance while in the Big Brother house. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Although reality TV usually likes to amp up the drama, according to Brenton, this season of Big Brother has been keeping its biggest blow-ups under wraps.

“I was actually quite surprised at how many disputes and feuds got left out,” Brenton tells New Idea. “I think there were a lot of stories that got down-played.

“There were a lot of things that happened in the house I think a certain audience might want to see but maybe not the audience that is sitting at home watching Big Brother this season.”

The 31-year-old even goes so far as to say he thinks some of the drama was too much for television, stating, “I think some of the conflict in the house was a little bit too intense to be aired”.

He suggests that perhaps the conflict would have been shown on Big Brother eight or nine years ago. Considering eight years ago was when Tully and Drew’s infamous romance played out on screen, we’d have to agree. 

While the professional chef ironically didn’t want to stir the pot too much, he did give an example of an intense scandal he fell victim to that almost led to his downfall.

“I had some rumours spread about me for five minutes before an eviction ceremony that could have led to me going home,” Brenton told us. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I had some rumours spread about me for five minutes before an eviction ceremony that could have led to me going home,” Brenton tells us.

“Thankfully I didn’t go home and I was able to stay in the show to clear my name and to get to the bottom of it. But that was quite a tense moment because of how close it was to me going home over lies and manipulation.”

“That definitely caused some tension between me and others in the house and, yeah, it was probably a bit too tense to get shown. Wouldn’t have been good for anyone.”

Suffice to say that chef attests that these rumours were much more serious than the whole peanut-butter-gate situation. 

As to who Brenton wants to take out the competition, the 31-year-old is putting his vote on his on-screen flame Christina. 

Brenton has confessed he will evaluate the situation with Christina once the show is over. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I’d love to see Christina win. Out of everyone that I was in the house with she was there for me from the very beginning.

“It felt like maybe at times being with me was a disadvantage to her and she could have just bailed on the idea at any point, but she stuck through it and never let me down.

“So I think playing an honest game like that and supporting me through the whole game definitely deserves my vote.”

Brenton recently spoke with Now To Love about his and Christina’s current relationship status, dishing, “Once the game finishes we’ll evaluate the situation and see what happens from there”.

And we’ll be watching as closely as Big Brother.

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