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AGT star Ricki-Lee Coulter: Why I had to leave

The Australia’s Got Talent host spills on her experiences in Hollywood
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Australia fell in love with Ricki-Lee Coulter as soon as she walked into the Australian Idol audition rooms in 2004 at just 19 years old.

Thanks to her incredible voice, sassy personality and radiant good looks, there was no denying her star potential.

While, the Australia’s Got Talent has made it big in Australia, she’s asked time and time again why she has decided to remain at home instead of making a permanent move to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Watch Ricki-Lee’s emotional moment on Australia’s Got Talent here…

Speaking exclusively to New Idea, the beloved artist reveals her surprising reason for staying in Australia.

“I have lived in the US and I hated it,” she says. “I moved back because I just wanted to be at home. There are people who love it. And it’s also about timing and luck. You can be the greatest singer in the world but sometimes it’s just not your time.

“It’s all about the right song at the right time, and the right person hearing it. I mean that’s how ‘Can’t Touch It’ happened with Sex and the City.” (Ricki-Lee’s single became a worldwide hit when it was featured on Sex and the City 2 in 2010.)

Ricki lee
(Credit: Seven)

“The right person heard the song,” she recalls. “And then all of a sudden we got the phone call and the next day it was on TV on the promo. And I was like ‘What!?’.

“That’s how it happens. That’s so much of the music industry.

“There are so many things that go into making an artist. You have to have talent first and foremost. You have to have drive, you have to have limitless ambition, you have to be resilient and you have to have the right people around you.”

“My friend Sam Smith, right,” she begins. “His last five years has been everything coming together perfectly at once. The talent, the personality, the 
good people.

“He’s worked his butt off since he was 14, writing songs, doing all this. All of it, the ambition, the drive, all of it has come together. The talent, the right songs, the right time. He’s incredibly talented, but it all worked. And he’s the biggest star in the whole world.

“That’s just … that’s being an artist. That’s how it works.”

ricki lee
Ricki-Lee in her video clip for ‘Can’t Touch It.’

For Ricki-Lee, now was the right time to take on her new role as host of Australia’s Got Talent – and she is loving every minute of it. Giving a unique insight into what went down behind the scenes during filming, the star reveals there were times when she couldn’t help but get swept up in the emotional roller-coaster that goes on with the contestants backstage.

“When I’m side of stage, I’m just sympathetic and empathetic with the contestants and their loved ones,” she says.

“My aim is to be there for them, whether it’s to celebrate and have fun or to stand there and cuddle their mums while they’re crying. I try to not be as much of 
a wreck as them, but I probably always am.”

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