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Here’s everyone who was voted off Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels

The tribe has spoken.
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In the game of Australian Survivor, trust is hard fought for and easily lost. 

From hidden immunity idols, bombshell blindsides and backstabbings, and epic interrogations from long-time host Jonathan LaPaglia, the tribal council is where things heat up in the game.

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Across 47 days in the tropical paradise of Samoa, 24 contestants fought it out, outwitting, and outplaying their fellow tribemates in the hopes of securing the title of sole survivor and the half a million dollars in prize money that comes with it. 

Ultimately, it was 28-year-old HR Manager Feras Basal who emerged victorious.

Scroll on to see who had their torch snuffed on Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels…

Caroline Courtis. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Caroline Courtis

Sadly for 55-year-old Caroline she fell just short of winning Australian Survivor Titans vs Rebels after the jury awarded more votes to her fellow final two competitor Feras Basal. 

From being a mother hen to her tribe, giving it her all in challenges, navigating the game, and her alliances from the shadows, Caroline made it clear she was not a player to be underestimated, lasting longer in Samoa than all but one other tribemate. 

“I had such an amazing experience out there. I got to live out what is probably the greatest experience of my life, except for having my three kids. It was just absolutely incredible,” she shared with New Idea after the finale aired.

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Mark Warnock. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Mark Warnock

After an impressive two hours and 15 minutes enduring a brutal final immunity challenge, Mark was unable to continue any further and was ultimately eliminated by Feras who preferred to take his chances against Caroline in the final tribal council. 

Speaking with New Idea, Mark revealed that he knew the moment he stepped off “the torture chamber” he would be going home.

“It was really, really, really difficult in that moment to lose that challenge; to be so close to the end after 46 days of blood, sweat, and tears.”

“I think the most difficult part was stepping off that device, and I knew once we were at that Tribal Council, I just didn’t think that Feras was going to take me. So I just tried to enjoy the moment and I tried to soak it all in and I tried my best to get into Feras’ head but ultimately I got my torch snuffed and I still got to experience the final Tribal Council as a jury member, so you know what, it could have been a lot worse.”

“I think in Survivor, you need to believe in miracles, you need to believe the impossible. At so many points in this game, people thought they were gone and they survived, so I was just trying to find any thought that may make it possible that Feras would take me.”

Raymond Chaney. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Raymond Chaney

He may not have won this season, but Raymond will forever go down in Survivor history for his epic acting skills. 

While the loveable larrikin was gunning for a spot in the final two with Feras, he was defeated in a fire challenge by Caroline after Feras played his immunity idol and Mark was safe after securing the individual immunity necklace. 

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week after his onscreen elimination aired, Raymond revealed that if given the chance to pitch to the jury, he believed he would have won the game.

“There’s a lot you don’t see out there and I think the perception that Feras is definitely a better player than me is wrong.”

“I genuinely think I could have won this game.”

Kirby Bentley. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Kirby Bentley

The hearts of Survivor fans everywhere broke in two after Kirby was unable to secure an individual immunity necklace in the third last challenge of the season. 

With the writing on the wall, Kirby’s only hope for survival was ally Feras playing his immunity idol for her, but alas, fearing how he would face against the strategic mastermind at the final tribal council, he chose to send her home instead.

“I thought I had fed his ego enough to stay,” the 37-year-old admitted to our sister publication WHO regarding her relationship with Feras. 

“I think the last comment, or last attempt, I made was [to say], ‘No one here wants to stand next to me at the end because I don’t think they can beat me.'”

“When he said, ‘I’m not scared,’ he looked at the jury and realised that maybe it wouldn’t go his way, so I think that was a turning point [in my elimination].”

Kitty Blomfield. (Credit: Channel 10)

Kitty Blomfield

It wouldn’t be Survivor without an epic blindside, and unfortunately on this occasion, it was Kitty and alliance member Caroline who were left in the dark after believing their remaining tribemates Raymond, Feras, and Kirby would be voting for Mark. 

Caroline, in her attempts to preserve numbers in the game played her hidden immunity idol for Mark as she believed his head was on the chopping block, but in the end, it was the ultimate misfire and Kitty had her torch snuffed instead.

“I should’ve bloody known,” Kitty joked to our sister publication WHO the morning after her onscreen elimination aired. 

“I think if Caroline would’ve told Mark or Kirby about her idol, then they probably could’ve gotten rid of Feras or Raymond,” she later lamented.

Rianna Bowley. (Credit: Channel 10)

Rianna Bowley

It just wasn’t meant to be for this rebel who became target number one for the entire tribe on Day 40 in Samoa. 

After alliance member Kirby won the individual immunity necklace, Rianna was the next best pick as the “challenge beast” of the tribe, and Kirby’s right-hand woman. 

“Unfortunately I knew I was going – Just felt the tone and I knew it was my time,” she shared with our sister publication TV Week after her elimination aired.

“Feras had this spell over Caroline and Kitty. They tried to say they wouldn’t vote for me but I knew they were lying straight to my face,” she added in a separate interview with 10Play.

“I knew my name had been put down and there was nothing I could do to stop it, unfortunately.”

In the same interview with TV Week, Rianna confirmed that she and Kirby’s friendship had survived Samoa. 

“She’s one of my closest friends and it’s weird to say because you don’t think these strong relationships can be ongoing, but literally we’ve become such close mates in real life.”


Alex Coe. (Credit: Channel 10)

Alex Coe

After losing a crucial individual immunity challenge to Rianna, Alex became paranoid that he would be the next player to have his torch snuffed in Samoa. 

In a last-ditch attempt to save his skin, he went after master strategist Kirby at tribal council, hoping to “open the eyes” of his fellow players to the threat she posed in the game. 

Unfortunately only Mark was swayed to his cause, and Alex was sent home in an almost unanimous vote. 

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Valeria. (Credit: Channel Ten)


She survived tribe swapping into a minority and having her Survivor BFF and alliance member Viola eliminated, but Raymond proved too much of a challenge for the Russian to overcome, his single vote sending the entertainment business owner home.

After finding a hidden advantage that would allow only his vote to count at tribal council, if everyone else on his tribe voted for him, Raymond moped around camp, pleading with his tribemates to send him home. 

Out of sympathy for his (faux) struggles, they did what they thought was the compassionate thing, but little did they know it was a ruse that Valeria fell victim to. 

Speaking to our sister publication TV Week shortly after her on-screen elimination aired, Valeria confirmed that whilst she felt the vote was too simple, she couldn’t have predicted the secret ace Raymond had up his sleeve.

“I had a feeling inside which I couldn’t really explain. I knew something was going on,” she shared adding that she was curious to see how the rest of his game unfolds.

“Having that move doesn’t just put a target on his back, but also gives him a bit of pressure to perform his next move, and I feel like if he’s not going to do anything about it, it won’t get him to the Sole Survivor title.”

Jaden. (Credit: Channel Ten)


Sadly for the strongman Jaden, he became collateral damage after alliance member Raymond flipped and voted him out alongside Mark, Caroline, Kitty, and Alex. 

The fan favourite now joins Aileen as the second member of the Australian Survivor: Titans vs Rebels dury.

“What an experience it was to play the game of @survivorau 🤝🏽 It was only a matter of time before they sent home the number 1 physical threat 🤝🏽,” Jaden shared to his Instagram account the morning after his onscreen elimination.

Eileen. (Credit: Channel Ten)


From the moment the tribes first swapped, Aileen was surviving in Samoa on borrowed time, being torn between her original Rebels, and the new alliances that were forming around her. 

After narrowly missing out on securing individual immunity, Kirby’s alliance had the numbers to eliminate Eileen, who alongside Feras had been gunning for Mark.

Speaking with our sister publication WHO the morning after her onscreen elimination aired, Eileen revealed she had no inkling that she was on the chopping block. 

“Had I made it through, and we were able to successfully vote Mark out, Kirby was 100% next on my hit list and I was preparing to pitch that to everybody. Good on her for getting me first,” she joked.

“I’m very honoured to be on the jury and still have an influence on how the game plays out and who gets to win at the very end,” she added.

Eden. (Credit: Channel Ten)


Revenge was in the air at tribal council after a tied vote between Raymond and Eden forced them all to recast. 

Despite each player initially receiving six votes each, when recasting, strongman Jayden flipped and wrote Eden’s name down as retribution for voting out his island BFF Winna an episode earlier.

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week the morning after his onscreen elimination aired, the Cinema Area Manager said he had “no regrets” about his gameplay.

“I suppose for my game initially I was doing a lot of seed-planting and managing my threat level, and making sure that other people were the focus,” he shared.

Winna. (Credit: Channel 10)


Competitive eater Winna was left reeling after he was blindsided and betrayed by his tribemates in the first elimination post-merge. 

After establishing strong bonds with former Rebels and Titans alike, he was sitting comfortably in the middle, but not for long.

After a soon to depart Scott betrayed his trust and told Kitty Winna was planning on writing her name down, he was officially on the hit list and received 6 votes to Caroline’s 5 in the 12th elimination of the season.

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Scott. (Credit: Channel 10)


It was a sad day for self-described Survivor superfan Scott who made the tough decision to voluntarily withdraw from the game. 

In a shock admission at tribal council following an intense scramble post-merge, Tasmania-based Art Director admitted to JLP that he didn’t want someone else being sent home when he wasn’t “mentally in the game.”

“You have no idea, how bad my heads has been these last 24 hours and the war that’s going on up there. So I don’t think I’d feel right sitting here in potentially someone else’s stool after tonight,” he admitted. 

Speaking with our sister publication WHO the morning after his onscreen elimination aired, Scott revealed that he had no regrets about prioritising his wellbeing and leaving Samoa.

“Your mental health is so important, and I didn’t go into the game wanting to win $500,000. I went into the game because I wanted to play Survivor, and I felt like I’d done that.”

Kelli. (Credit: Channel Ten)


All season long “hurricane” Kelli has been stirring up trouble on the Titans tribe both with her antics and her lack of strategy when it came to playing the game of Survivor

After clashing with her alliance when she refused to vote out Raymond, the writing was on the wall for the Queensland-based psychologist who was incapable of understanding Kirby when she tried to stress to Kelli the importance of having numbers for future votes. 

Reflecting on her strategy (or lack thereof) to our sister publication WHO the morning after her onscreen elimination, Kelli admitted that she had no regrets about how she played her game. 

I don’t think I would play it differently. I do believe it was the right decision trying to take out a bigger player at that time, but we were heading into merge, and everything changes then, so I think I made the right decision trying to take out a bigger player. I just needed more time!”

Charles. (Credit: Channel Ten)


Unfortunately for self-confessed Survivor superfan Charles, his time in Samoa was cut short after a huge twist at tribal council saw the Titans’ original plans to eliminate Feras or Aileen left in tatters.

After JLP revealed that only three votes at tribal would count, with those votes going to whoever was able to win a surprise challenge, it was Aileen, Kirby, and Feras who took control of the game and secured themselves immunity. 

After Winna played his hidden immunity idol, a tied vote saw the three tribemates revote between Raymond and Charles, the latter having his torch snuffed.

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week shortly after his on-screen elimination aired, Charles shared his disbelief that his game ended how it did. 

“When he said that there was gonna be a twist, my heart stopped working, and when he explained the twist and how it was going to work, I knew the chances of both Aileen and Feras winning their votes were quite slim, so I was hopeful that the majority of us would get through.”

[But] the unlikely thing happened and that was that.”

Garrick. (Credit: Channel 10)


From the get-go, Loss Prevention Officer Garrick was firmly allied with smooth talker Feras in his fight for survival against fellow Rebel Kirby. 

Trying to stay ahead of the game, and despite pledging to stay “Rebels strong” post-tribe swap, Garrick and Feras were actively seeking a way to blindside their rival from the game. 

Ultimately, however, their efforts backfired, as Kirby successfully lured her new Titan tribe members to her cause, sending Garrick home in the process with five votes to Kirby’s three and Kellie’s one.

“I tried my hardest to tell them the votes were going to be on me, it was so easy to see. The blindside really got me because I didn’t think that was going to come, especially from the original Titans,” a furious Garrick told the cameras after his torch was snuffed. 

Speaking with our sister publication WHO, Garrick said that hindsight was “a wonderful thing.”

“Prior to us walking out to go to tribal, I already knew. There were a few things that weren’t shown where I actually said to Feras, ‘We don’t have the numbers,’ but Feras was convinced that we did.”

As for who he believes will take home the title of Sole Survivor, Garrick is backing his boy Feras all the way. 

“We brought people on board [our alliance], but nothing got between myself and Feras. I really hope Feras takes the win. He deserves it and we played a really great game together.”

Sarah. (Credit: Channel Ten)


It wouldn’t be Survivor without back-to-back blindsides, and unfortunately for Sarah this time around it was her torch that was snuffed following a heated tribal council. 

The firefighter by trade struggled to scramble with her tribemates, falling prey to her own insecurities and anxiety about who she could place her trust in, and which plan for tribal was the “real” plan. 

Ultimately this cost her, Sarah’s naivety resulting in a blindside originally planned for Caroline being redirected to herself. 

“You never know who is telling the truth,” she admitted to our sister publication TV Week after her onscreen elimination aired.

“I’m usually the one putting out the flames but tonight my flame got put out,” she also sadly joked to JLP after leaving the game.

Viola. (Credit: Channel 10)


An unexpected tribal swap that split up her alliance became a major thorn in the side of powerlifter Viola. 

After pushing for a blindside against Caroline and being convinced to press pause by her friend and ally Mark, it was bad timing (and rather ironic) that Caroline charged ahead and unexpectedly blindsided Viola instead.

“The unique situation that I was in [after tribe swap] was a git or get got type of situation,” the 22-year-old admitted to New Idea after her onscreen elimination aired.

Read our exclusive exit interview with Viola here. 

Nathan. (Credit: Channel Ten)


Unfortunately for this former professional athlete, the writing was in the stars that his torch would be snuffed out at tribal council. 

After receiving five votes to Jayden’s three and the one given to Caroline by himself, his time on Survivor came to an end.

“I’ve had a target on my back since day one. The majority sorted of thought to maybe pick off the most dangerous threat going forward in the game but I think the tribe shot itself in the foot,” a frustrated Nathan revealed to the camera shortly after saying his farewells.

Read our exclusive exit interview with Nathan here.

Tobias. (Credit: Channel Ten)


Unfortunately for sport-obsessed builder Tobias, his time on Survivor was cut short after being betrayed by a member of his “cuddle alliance” – Kelli. 

After smiling assassin Feras played his hidden immunity idol for himself, the three votes his fellow rebels cast his way fell to the wayside. 

Whilst Alex was handed three votes, it was Tobias who had the majority of five, leaving him shell-shocked.

“I didn’t see that coming. I thought my place in that tribe was rock solid. They definitely got one over me,” a stunned Tobias shared with the cameras after his torch was snuffed.

“I was just in shock. I even left some stuff at camp because I really did not think I was going home,” he also shared exclusively with our sister publication TV Week.

Peta. (Credit: Channel Ten)


In line with their tribe namesake, a handful of rebels (aka the “cuddle alliance”) decided to throw an elimination challenge in the hopes of sending home Kelly or Raymond home after the pair started to rub their fellow rebels the wrong way.

But clever Kirby saw an opportunity to blindside bar manager Peta, and with help from her fellow rebels, her plan was executed to a tee, and poor Peta was sent packing after receiving 5 votes to the 4 Kelly and Raymond received.

Her alliance members Alex and Sarah were noticeably stunned to find out they weren’t in the majority, with Peta telling her former tribe that the blindside “was nice.”

“I’m a little shocked. I don’t quite know how to take it,” Peta shared with the cameras after her torch was snuffed.

“I don’t know if I’ve been perceived as a threat. It looks like the minorities rose up a little bit and took control.”

Jess. (Credit: Channel Ten)


Despite being just days into the game, an over-eager Jess painted a target on her back as she not only boasted in the Titans tribe that she had orchestrated the blindside against Frankie an episode earlier, but pushed for the vote to go towards Eden in the following tribal council.

After being confronted by Nathan, who was left in the lurch after his BFF Frankie was sent home, and Eden for shopping his name around in camp, her fate was signed and her torch snuffed.

Speaking exclusively with our sister publication TV Week after her onscreen elimination aired, Jess shared that she thought Mark would be one to watch as the game progressed. 

“[He] obviously didn’t have my back yesterday – he was gunning for me, but he’s a very strong player.” 

She also added that before tribal council she felt confident her friendships would protect her. 

“Everything seemed easy and that should have been my first red flag – things are never easy on Survivor.”

“[During tribal council] I felt a bit put on the spot but I was really just trying my best to hold my ground, to speak what my truth was, and hope that the tribemates would see value in that over the lies that stirred up.”

Frankie. (Credit: Channel Ten)


In the very first tribal council of the season, the Titans tribe fought amongst each other for dominance, some tribemates more covertly than others. 

Whilst Frankie and Nathan spearheaded the push to vote professional academic Jess out, cinema area manager Eden decided to take things into his own hands and try to blindside Frankie. 

Ultimately, the Titans said hasta la vista baby to Frankie who received 7 votes to the 4 that Jess received. 

“Honestly I didn’t know what happened. I got a bit blindsided there. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed,” Frankie shared shortly after her torch was snuffed. 

“I always knew going in that I would appear as a big personality, a big threat, I guess at the end of the day I may have played some people the wrong way.”

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