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Harry Connick Jr. and Kyle Sandilands booed by the Australian Idol audience

This time, they're not under fire for their feud...they were just rude!
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As the competition whittles down to 12, the Australian Idol 2023 contestants are only getting fiercer – as are the judges…

Last night, we saw contestants Anya, Piper, James, Royston, Amali, Ben, Noah, and Bec sing their hearts out for their shot at a spot in the Top 12 live shows. With only four spots available, the panel truly had their work cut out for them.

WATCH: Australian Idol 2023 Top 24 eliminations. Article continues after video.

In spite of their tough gig, however, the studio audience was not impressed with Kyle and Harry’s attitude when giving feedback to one of the singers.

After completing his crowd-hyping rendition of Thirsty Merc’s 20 Good Reasons, James Vawser stood to the judges, awaiting their feedback.

Harry Connick Jr. was not slow to unleash his harsh criticism, “Those vocals were not that strong, you were singing really out of tune… When I watch the other performers, I don’t think you’re up to the level that they are on.”

The harsh criticism was met with a cacophony of ‘boos’ from the Idol audience.

WATCH: Harry Connick Jr. booed by Australian Idol audience. Article continues after video.

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Despite rumours of an ongoing feud, which Kyle himself has commented on, Sandilands was quick to defend his fellow judges’ comments, lashing out at the audience members themselves.

“Look, listen! There’s no good you lot all carrying on every time someone speaks the truth.”

Facing the awaiting contestant, he continued, “We probably won’t see you again after tonight so I’m glad you sucked up all that energy on the stage.”

WATCH: Kyle Sandilands tears into Australian Idol contestant. Article continues after video.

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“Soz! Soz everyone… This isn’t Tiktok. This is real life,” Kyle added sarcastically.

Met with an ongoing rumble of ‘boos’, it’s safe to say the audience did not agree with the judges’ comments in the slightest. While Vawser was, ultimately, eliminated, his crowd support will not go forgotten.

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