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Angie Kent spills on feud with late Gogglebox star Di Kershaw

The reality star opened up to Yvie Jones about Di's death on their podcast.
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Angie Kent has paid tribute to late Gogglebox co-star Di Kershaw while acknowledging the pair’s past clashes.

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Di, who was a beloved star of the reality series alongside her husband of 50 years, Mick, passed away earlier this week after battling a short illness.

Opening up about Di’s death on her podcast with Yvie Jones, Angie discussed her feud with the late Indigenous art dealer which kicked off in 2020 during Angie’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

Di Kershaw passed away earlier this week after a battle with throat cancer. (Credit: Network 10)

In an episode of Gogglebox, Di sniped at her former co-star’s appearances on a slew of reality shows since exiting the series that catapulted her to fame.

“[She was on] Gogglebox, then went to the jungle, then she became the Bachelorette, and now she’s a dancing star,” Di said on the show.

“Spare me … She’s no dancer, that’s for sure.”

She went on to insist that Angie’s performance should be given a “three”.

Di wasn’t impressed with Angie’s dancing skills. (Credit: Network 10)

Following the comments, Angie took to social media to express disappointment over the comments.

“I have had nothing but love and support for my Gogglebox fam. So to see this not once but three times now on every adventure I’ve been on has been quite disappointing.”

In another post, Angie wrote: “I normally keep quiet when it comes to negativity surrounding what I do with MY life but this is the third time and with all the online bullying and bullying in general I think sometimes it’s not always best to keep quiet and to stick up for yourself.”

Despite the run-in, Angie paid tribute to the late star on Nova’s Two Girls One Pod this week, calling Di a “queen” despite their previous clash.

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“Obviously we were a part of the Gogglebox family for four years. So we just want to send all our love to her family, Mick, her children, everybody. It’s very sad,” she said.

“She was an icon. There’s not much space for older women on television. And she had such a big presence. Like she just said whatever came to her mind and sometimes it was a little bit hard to hear.

“I mean, I’ve been on the back end of it, but I loved her for it because she didn’t care. And I love it when women don’t care. And they can say what they want. So go off queen.”

The comments come as Di’s husband, Mick, revealed that the TV icon had privately battled throat cancer and decided to go out on her own terms.

Mick revealed that Di went out on her own terms (Credit: Network 10)

“The cancer spread and was inoperable. The only alternative to that was chemo or radiation but she was far too weak to be put through that,” he told the Daily Mail.

“She would have hated to sit around here for six months being incapacitated. So she made the decision to end it earlier rather than later.”

He added that his wife chose not to undergo chemotherapy as she didn’t want to “put us through that.”

Mick and Di have two adult children and a grandson, who will rally around Mick as he mourns his wife of more than 50 years.

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