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Meet the contestants competing in The Amazing Race Australia 2022!

Meet this year's competitive crop of contestants!
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The Amazing Race Australia 2022 is back with 20 teams of two!

Unlike last year, this season will take the contestants across six separate continents including Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

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The winner will take home $250,000 which is the biggest prize in The Amazing Race Australia history and also two brand new cars, an Isuzu D-MAX and an Isuzu MU-X.
Coronavirus continues to make travelling difficult and contestants will have to navigate a post-COVID world, but this year’s team are ready to take on anything.
Meet your new crop of contestants for 2022! (Credit: Network 10)

The action kicks off on Monday 29th August on Channel Ten.

Tiffany and Cynthia, WA

This aunty and niece duo love to win but still respect a friendly competition. They have watched the show together their whole lives, and can’t wait to see the world.

Tiffany and Cynthia (Credit: 10)

Tammy and Vincent, VIC/QLD

Australian-born with Chinese heritage, these two siblings describe themselves as being from “a nerdy science family”. The pair have travelled to China, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong together.

Tammy and Vincent (Credit: 10)

Stuart and Glennon, NT

The friends met five years ago, and were both raised within communities of Tiwi Island and Elcho Island. The two are both very competitive and thrive for success in all areas of their professional and personal lives

Stuart and Glennon
Stuart and Glennon (Credit: 10)

Sam and Stu, WA

These lifelong friends have known each other since kindergarten. Sam was born with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. They both love spending time outdoors, travelling, camping and hiking.

Sam and Stu
Sam and Stu (Credit: 10)

Sam and Alex, SA

Sam and Alex met at school 10 years ago, and both friends identify as LGBTQIA+. Alex often exercises, but Sam only exercises if dancing is involved.

Sam and Alex
Sam and Alex (Credit: 10)

Paul and Rachel, VIC

This father and daughter duo are both successful mortgage brokers. They have watched many seasons of the show together, which could help them strategise and win the race.

Paul and Rachel
Paul and Rachel (Credit: 10)

Pako and Mori, NSW

These two have been together for 10 years and married for one. Their opposite personalities and approach to challenges could help them win the competition.

Pako and Mori
Pako and Mori (Credit: 10)

Morgan and Lilli, QLD

Energetic and adventurous best friends of 10 years, Morgan and Lilli have lived in over 20 share rooms, worked 10 jobs together and have visited more than 100 cities together.

Morgan and Lilli
Morgan and Lilli (Credit: 10)

Lauren and Steph, WA

Partners at work and at home, these two have known each other for two years through working as policewomen. Although they are complete opposites, thir dynamic works.

Lauren and Steph
Lauren and Steph (Credit: 10)

Kelly and Georgia, QLD

These newlyweds are all about adventure, from jumping out of planes, swimming with sharks and climbing volcanoes. Kelly and Georgia love to travel, creating and posting videos about their journeys on YouTube.

Kelly and Georgia
Kelly and Georgia (Credit: 10)

Kathy and Chace, NSW

Kathy and Chase are both lawyers and cousins. They describe themselves as young Asian Australians pushing boundaries. The pair have travelled Europe and Vietnam together.

Kathy and Chace
Kathy and Chace (Credit: 10)

Jodie and Claire, NSW

Proud mums and best friends for 15 years, these two are not going to back down from a competition after winning international gold medals in dragon boating in New Zealand.

Jodie and Claire
Jodie and Claire (Credit: 10)

Jake and Holly, NSW

Despite only being together for three years, these two have gone through some tough times together. Holly was Jake’s carer while he recovered from his motorbike accident and throat cancer diagnosis.

Jake and Holly
Jake and Holly (Credit: 10)

Heath and Toni, VIC

Highly competitive husband and wife are ready to win. They both work out at the gym three to four times a week, and play competitive sports.

Heath and Toni
Heath and Toni (Credit: 10)

Fliss and Tottie, NSW

These country girls have been friends since birth. While their practical skills might come in handy, these girls are unfamiliar with the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Fliss and Tottie
Fliss and Tottie (Credit: 10)

Flick and Gabby, VIC

Sisters and co-workers expect a lot of fights and disagreements, but are confident in their emotional and physical abilities to push it to the limit.

Flick and Gabby
Flick and Gabby (Credit: 10)

Crystal and Reem, NSW

These two have been best friends for more than 14 years. Crystal and Reem are both fluent in Arabic, which will hopefully give them an advantage in The Race.

Crystal and Reem

Bren and Anja, WA

Bren and Anja, or ‘vegan warriors’ met at an animal rights activist event seven years ago. These two are on a mission to prove you don’t need to be fit, young and glam to compete.

Bren and Anja
Bren and Anja (Credit: 10)

Angel and Frankie, QLD

Angel and Frankie first met at church and bonded over their faith. While neither contestants have travelled overseas, the pair are confident they can nail any obstacle.

Angel and Frankie
Angel and Frankie (Credit: 10)

Chelsea and Jamus, QLD

The “spice” and “sweetner” – as Chelsea would describe them – are engaged with two kids. They are hoping their different approaches will help them win The Race.

Chelsea and Jamus
Chelsea and Jamus (Credit: 10)

The Amazing Race Australia premieres Monday, 29 August At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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